Donna Osborn guilty or nah??? Kayleigh, emma, elan, and brad


Throughout this case, pathos is used vigorously to prove whether Donna Osborne is guilty or innocent. Repeatedly, Donna complains, "over the next two years the verbal abuse increased." This would upset the reader because it makes the audience feel sorry for Mr. Osborne's actions. Also she explains how the physical and mental abuse increased, "he had pushed me down a few times while [she] was pregnant. Mrs. Osborne complained that "things escalated and he knocked me to the ground and waked me in the side with his golf club." In the defense of Donna Osborne, i think she had a reason to kill her husband out of self defense. Donna was being physically and mentally abused until it came to a breaking point.


During the trial, it was proven that Clinton Osborne was murdered but did Donna do it out of self-defense or anger? Evidence proves that he died from receiving two bullet wounds. Also evidence proves that Donna had made her first call to the battered women's club. Donna had made multiple calls to the battered womens club explaining her mental and physical abuse by Clinton. As stated, Clinton always flew into a state of rage around Donna when she did something that was "unacceptable".


Many people were interviewed for this trial, but most were friends or family. Clinton has a family doctor, Leslie Crown medical major, that they have known since Clint was born. His doctor treated Donna for all her "accidents" and when asked what happen donna always took the fall since she didn't want to embarrass her husband. also the police officer, Chris Powell, had a interference with the couple after a call was made due to another abuse problem and Donna made a cover up story to once again protect her husband.

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