4B28 Antonia I. Padilla

I live in Europe ,my dad (Josie Louis 45 years old ),my mommy ( Mariana Chivas 35 years old ),my 4 sisters (bell 5 years old,Victoria 12 years old ,Cristina 24 years old,Samantha 25 years old , and of course me Rose) . we where in a big bout and going to a different country . Ellis Island the country we are searching for our whole life's ! they put a hook in eyes to see if we had disease.


So we got off the bout and start crying our hart's out and praying to god saying thank you for bringing us to Ellis Island . so we went to the Registry Room . thank god were here. it was a day of our life .

  1. A monument is a statue,or place that honors a person , event or idea .
  2. it was a gift to united states from France .
  3. the statue is modeled after liberty , the ancient roman goddess of freedom .
  4. the statue wears a crown with seven rays, which stand for the seven continents and seven seas .
  1. I like it when it describe the Registry Room.
  2. I like it when it describe how they cry.
  3. I love it when it tout us about what happen in the pass.

Ellis Island Interactive Tour Brain Pop jr. Statue Of Liberty Google Images.


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