Des Moines The Heart of Iowa, By Tyler Croatt


Des Moines is a city of many wonders, originally coming from fort Des Moines at the meeting point of the Racoon and Des Moines rivers.

Des Moines is about 75 square miles of gently rolling hills giving it a nice rural feel.

Aerial view of central Des Moines

Des Moines is located in South West Iowa, south of Ames. it is home to many sports teams including the Iowa Cubs. Des Moines fastest growin suburb is West Des Moines

The Racoon and Des Moines rivers intersect in what is now central Des Moines.

Meeting point of rivers in central Des Moines


Des Moines wasn't always a bustling city like today, nonetheless even a city, more of a fort. It was full of brick buildings and fences keeping the people safe from people what wanted them dead.

Brick Barracks at Fort Des Moines

Fort Des Moines was built in 1843 to protect the land sites that the Native Americans still controlled. It continued to grow until WWII when the town came to a halt and was plagued with food shortages. It soon after was renamed Des Moines.


Des Moines is home to many places where people can learn or have fun. It offers many museums and parks where people can enjoy the history of Des Moines.

One of the many parks in Des Moines

The state capitol building is located in Des Moines with a 23-karat gold leaf and an interior with brass and crystal chandeliers.

Iowa state capitol

The capitol building was constructed from 1871 to 1886 with a price tag of $3,000,000. The state capitol was located in Iowa City until state lawmakers decided it should be moved to Des Moines.

Adventureland Park is another one of the many attractions that Des Moines has to offer. It is home to more than 40 rides and 5 roller coasters. It also offers plenty of places to eat and they even have mini donuts. One of the recent rides built is the monster which took the place of the once popular log ride. This isn't the first time this has happened. The super screamer and the Silly Silo were taken down because they were old and didn't meet the safety requirements.

The Monster at Adventureland

Another one of the many attractions is the Wells Fargo Arena. They play indoor football, basketball, and hockey where there are professional teams that play there. It recently hosted part of the NCAA March Madness tournament. It also hosts state basketball tournaments for girls and boys.

Basketball court ready for Iowa boys basketball state tournament


The people of Des Moines love theater and luckily Des Moines is full of opera houses and places to watch their movies. It is also home to the most plentiful supply of performing arts centers in Iowa.

Outdoor seating for performing arts

The annual Iowa State fair is something that brings people to Des Moines every year as part of tradition. Over 1 million people attend this each year. Its the best state fair in the country for farming events like show cows and pigs.

Many people attend the Iowa state fair each year for fun and for business

Des Moines' most popular theater is the Hoyt Sherman performing arts center in central Des Moines.

Hoyt Sherman Theater for performing arts in central Des Moines

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