Laura Gonzalez Portfolio

This past semester as a part of the Yearbook staff, I have grown and learned so much more than I initially thought I would. The first time I went out to cover an event, I went to a volleyball game. All my pictures came out blurry and unfocused and the lighting seemed too dim. With the help of the photo editors, I have learned so much more about my camera and I have learned to love it in an entirely different way and plan to make it a hobby of mine. Because of yearbook, I was forced to step out of a comfort zone I didn't even know I had when it came to interviewing students I had never met before. This has also helped me with a personal struggle of mine which is public speaking. I love that yearbook is so engaging and that it has affected so many parts of me that I never though it would.

I was assigned to make a best buddy caption by my team leaders and I loved how we always make sure, or if not attempt to, cover everyone. For this assignment, I wish I would've been allotted more time to be able to gather more information over the event. While completing this assignment, I learned how important an interview is to even be able to make a caption.

I came up with the idea for this mod that is the break down of a legal process. I also interviewed students in court procedures and asked them to explain the meaning and importance of each step. I wish I hadn't lost the pictures of the field trip because they were actually really goof but its okay I think I learned my lesson.

I loved these pictures due to the angle and the lighting. if I were able to cover them again, I would see if they would be allowed to switch around so I could focus in on other students.

what I liked the most about these pictures, although they were not my best, was that they told a story in the way that plant students were being awarded for their accomplishments. if I were to re-take these, I would spend more time testing the lighting due to how unflattering it was in the auditorium.

II liked being able to cover varsity soccer and how they came out as beautiful action shots. while taking these, i realized how difficult it is to cover soccer because of how spread out they are at all times. I also learned you can never bring enough memory cards to an event, just in case!!

i liked having the opportunity to catch anchor service members check in incoming runners and walkers and how i was able to capture them in action. i learned how to better use my camera in a foggy setting and i also learned that i shouldn't both sign up to work an event and cover it for yearbook because i am not good at multi-tasking.

I loved being able to capture the kiwi girls as they volunteered in a service project and having the opportunity to capture them working towards the greater good. I wish I could've covered more plant students in the event that were not there for a service club event just to be able to cover a wider range of students.

For club tapping day, I followed the Sertoma board members as they welcomed their new incoming members. i think i could've done a better job at capturing the emotions had i known the board members game plan from the start and had i known how to program my camera better to prevent blurry pictures.

I liked being able to meet the new teachers of this school year and to be able to answer any questions they had. I wish I could've covered them in a more candid setting rather than being posed. when doing this assignment I realized how important it was that all the backgrounds looked identical and how important lighting was to positioning.

I took this picture during the school showing of 'Little shop of horrors" and I love how I was able to capture both the actors and the smoke in the background. I wish I would've gotten a higher angle to capture the set of the play as well. I learned how to better use my camera and how to adjust the setting of my camera for such a dim setting.


1: My first goal is to improve communication with my team leaders. this would not only make assignments run smoother but would also prevent arguments and conflicts.

2: My second goal is to gain more experience and knowledge of my camera. this would help me improve the quality of my pictures that would end up in our yearbook.

3: My third goal is to improve my caption writing. this would decrease the number of additional corrections I have to do a week on top of my assignments.

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