Cultural Heritage: England By: Anthony Earl

My last name is Earl

Earl originates from England

It was used to mean the elder or wise man of the village, eventually It was used to describe a leader and in the midiaeval times it described a nobleman of the highest ranking

The picture behind this text is the Earl family crest


There are two Houses of Parliament in England, the Parliament creates the laws, debates major issues and decides how to run the country. The Parliament has been around since the 13th century. The Leader of Britain is called the Prime Minister. A general election is held every five years no more no less . The Prime Minister is elected by who wins the most seats in the general election.

Generic Cultural Landscape

When you think of England what comes to mind? A castle, huge cities, Big Ben maybe? While you are not wrong there is more to England than just big buildings. The well known Stonehenge is located on England's Salisbury Plain.

Seeing as how England is an island there are many towns and landforms by the ocean. Take the town of Barry located in Wales. Nearly is a huge beach and towering rocky cliffs. It is also populated by beautiful gardens. England isn't just all buildings, there is a lot of open space for stunning landscape


The money used in England is called Euro, however this is not as "popular" as another form of currency called pounds. Pounds are divided into 100 pence, it is like the American cents. England has one of the largest, most successful econemies in the world. They have a social welfare focus and lead the world in aerospace, arms, and the manufacturing segment of the software industry. Not to mention they have free healthcare to the permanent citizens of the U.K.


Britain was apart of Scotland for over 500 years.Sea levels rose and Britain became an island around 8000 years ago. The Anglo-Saxons came to England in 1707. Celtic people came to settle in England in 500 B.C, those people were warriors, farmers, as well as skilled metal workers. Trade routes were established in 1650 B.C. During 750 B.C iron overtook bronze as the most useful metal, thus the Iron Age began.

Daily Life

A typical day in England, for kids, starts around 7:30. Most of the children there are apart of a club or a sport. On average, the people of England listen to the radio for around 15 hours a week. Most people own a garden and enjoy tending to their plants. Visiting a nearby pub is very popular.

Folk Culture

The English invented many traditional sports that are now played in many countries, take football for example. A wide variety of the people in England enjoy listening to classical music. England has an annual rubyby tournament with Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy. This tournament starts in January.

The Arts

The building is England were widely made out of wood and occasionally stone. The churches were build very thin like. The English perform a dance called the Morris dance. They believed that this dance had magical power and could ward off bad luck as well as bring good luck.


England is around 50-70 percent Christian, and 4.4 percent Islamic. 7.2 percent of people do not state their religion while 3.2 percent of people have a religion other than Christianity or Islamic. Another 25 percent of people do not have a religion of any sorts. This is as of 2011 when the religion was at an increase.

Culture, sociofacts, artifacts, and mentafacts


You must greet with a hello, hi, or good morning

You may be called affectionate names such as mate, and me duck

It is common courtesy to bring a gift to a house you are to visit such as wine flowers or chocolate

It is required you take your hat off indoors (men only)


The English are mostly Christian and Catholic

In England a black cat is considered good luck

But seeing ONE magpie is bad luck


Many artifacts consist of old historical building that are still standing.

They preserve pottery and old teapots made and used by people of old

Culture: The class system is very well intact in England. The people their can afford a higher education and wealth distribution is greater. This exhibits the culture trait of money and education.

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For a British food I made Breakfast Baked Beans. No English breakfast is complete without it. The beans are put on top of the toasted bread. Make sure to try them, you just might like it


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