My Story Time Project By Lily

“Nooooooooooooooooo!” said Ella. As she fell into a deep red and white hole. For 10 minutes Ella saw nothing but black.

“Hello there”, a voice called as Ella awoke and felt that she was in a huge pile of snow. As she looked up she saw a boy, but not just any boy, an elf. But she could only tell by his ears and outfit, he wasn’t like you would imagine an elf, he was different in a way. His eyes were amazing, when he first looked at her they were a deep icy blue. However after he put his face into his sleeve to laugh because she was covered in snow, she saw his eyes and this time they were warm rich brown. “My name is Chris, what’s yours?”.

As she brushed some of the snow off she said, “Uh, my name is Ella”.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Ella, are you applying for the open job at the hot chocolate house?”

“What do you mean? Where am I?”

“ I mean are you here for the job? And by here I mean in the North Pole!” Said Chris. Ella stood there with her jaw dropped as she looked around and saw everything around her looked like a Christmas world. There were so many lights in all different colors and sizes they were so bright that even in the daylight you could see them sparkle.

“I, I no this can’t be real.” said Ella.

“What do you mean it’s not real of course it is!” said Chris. He looked around and smiled.

“I need to get home.” said Ella.

“What’s the rush most people love the North Pole?” said Chris.

“I don’t know anyone here and all of my family and friends are back at home and there's only one week until christmas and I haven’t even gotten my family presents!”

“Relax Ella, we can get your family Christmas presents and figure out a way to get you home.” said Chris. Chris then grabbed Ella’s hand and pulled her up from the snow and they walked towards the workshop.

When they got to the workshop Ella was shocked by how huge it was. “So what do you need to get for your family?” said Chris.

“I....I can’t believe this! It’s amazing in here! And I want to get my little brother a toy train where can I find the cheapest one?” said Ella.

“Well here there's nothing you need to pay for here but I can get you one.” Chris said cheerfully. Chris walked back with a big box, he then put it in a backpack and put it on his back. “Ok let's get you to the exit” said Chris.

“So I can just leave like that?!” said Ella.

“I don’t see why not?” said Chris as he started walking up a big white, steep hill.

“I thought you wanted me to stay since that's what most people do and I thought you needed someone to work at the hot chocolate bar?!” said Ella somewhat angrily.

“You're the one who said you needed to go” said Chris. Ella frowned slightly as she remembered that she was the one who said that. Ella and Chris continued walking and finally they reached the top. But there wasn’t another side to walk down it was just a red and white swirled wall like thing. “Ok now you just have to jump” Chris said as he handed the backpack to Ella.

“What! No way!” Ella screamed.

“What do you mean this is how you get home?” Chris said.

“Fine then” Ella said just before she jumped! She hit the wall... she was shocked she wasn’t at home she found herself at the top of the hill once again! “Chris are you kidding me, was that a joke because it wasn’t funny I just jumped off a hill into a wall for what nothing! You had me thinking I could go home how could I have trusted you that was so stupid of me to do”. Ella yelled in outrage.Chris stopped walking down the hill and turned around shocked Ella was their. “, you jumped why didn’t you go through”.

“So that wasn’t a joke?!”. Ella said slowly.

“No, that’s the way to get to your house!” Chris said quickly.

“Well should I try again?” Ella said sounding worried.

“No something must be different from when you came in something about you” Chris said.

“Well what do you think is different?” said Ella.

“It’s your weight” Chris said.

“Is that a fat joke I literally had one cookie in the toy shop?” Ella said angrily.

“No, I mean the backpack with the train it makes your weight go up” Chris said in between giggles.

“Right, well I guess you get this back then” Ella said as she slid the backpack off one shoulder.

“No I will just send it through a minute after you jump so that your brother can have it” Chris said.

“Thank you so much” Ella said. She walked up the hill with Chris and when they got to the top she jumped. She was sitting on her bed and about one minute later a back pack came through- “Are you almost ready for school?” Ella's mom said as she through Ella's backpack on her bed. Ella sat up quickly and realized it was all a dream. Ella got up started getting ready for school she was so confused the rest of the day.

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