How to build and Igloo by emmaleigh and tannah

There are many ways to build an igloo, but there is only one right way. Here are some good strategies for when building an igloo.
In the text ''Boy's Life'', I read that you must build an underground dome for your igloo. This is the entrance for your igloo. This means that if it is underground the wind cannot hit you directly and heat can not get out so you will stay warm. It also protects you from wild animals because they are not likely to crawl underground. This is important because you want to have a warm and safe igloo, you do not want to die of Hipothermia. - Emmaleigh

In the text ''Boys Life'' It says that the snow has to be hardend and packed together. It can not be powdery, It has to be a little wet so that the water will freeze and be easier to mold,so that you can make your igloo blocks. We also found out that if you use powdery snow you dome will collapse or you would never get to start your igloo because is would fall apart. Because who wants a home that will collapse while you sleep and also if you are living in Antarctica you are going to want a home that will not collapse and this is why the snow type is important - Tannah

These were a few of the good strategies to build an igloo, now that you know how go and build yourself an igloo on a perfect snow day!!! '
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Emmaleigh Tannah


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