Institutions By Tayla Lay

Production Companies

A production company is one that operates in the making of a creative piece. It provides the marketing, finance and budgeting, casting, scheduling and so on. The finance to a project is gathered through donations or raised funding through investors.

A major company would be one with a big budget for the production of the film and everything that goes with it including promotion and distribution.

An independent company has a smaller budget and isn't promoted as much as a major; however, its success may be no different to a big budgeted film.

Our production company

Our production company

Our production company we made is Flipped Productions, we have niche appeal and therefore it is an independent company. However we chose to use Focus Films to represent our film.

Why focus features?

Focus features produces and distributes foreign and independent films. They have had many success even though the films may have lower budget than of major film companies. They have a wide range of films with different genres and many successes. They also have produced multiple horror films which is relevant for our film 'Voices'.

The company is American; however, it distributes foreign and independent films and so would be an option for us to choose as our distribution company too. The company has a great reputation with promoting and marketing for a film, so this would be very beneficial for us.


Distribution companies

Distribution is everything that happens in between production and exhibition of a film. Distribution is about marketing and getting the film known, through trailers and posters etc- the promotion for the film and deals made for this. It includes the licensing, setting a date on release.

Our chosen distribution company


Why Transmission Films?

Transmission films is a leading distribution company in Australia and specialises in independent films. We believe that this is a great choice for our film becuase of the companies experience in the industry. Before it became independent it was once partnered with Paramount Pictures (one of the big six) and therefore has had major success and is a well known distribution company.

The company has distributed many successful movies even with low budgets, the films have had a triumph with this company. Although the company is based in Australia we know that the company do also part take in distributing foreign films. The company would be best for us as they are dedicated in independent films and are helpful in creating success and profit for the movie.



We believe that our film 'Voices' would be best suited for exhibition on online services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. This is due to the fact that technology has grown over the years and Dvd's are not selling as well nowadays. The sales for Dvd's has fallen and this is because of the rapid growth of options to view a substance. Since our target audience for our film is teenagers to young adults, we feel that the usage of the internet would be key as currently this is at a high level and it is a fact that a high percentage own such online services. However, our film could be viewed possibly on TV, maybe sky or BBC. This could be good for advertising as online does present the movie in the lists but I feel TV would help broaden the amount of viewers as many do not own online services.

The consumption of online services is key as the majority has access to it. The benefit in having online streaming as our exhibition for our film, there are no geographical barriers. It doesn't matter which part of the world you are from as you will be able to have easy access to the film. If DVDs were produced there may be a risk of loss in profit for the movie. Also since it is our debut film, the process of trial and error is key to see if the film has any success with this process.

BBFC certificate

BBFC - 12

Why we chose our BBFC certificate

We decided on 12 being our BBFC certificate because even though all the guidelines are not featured in our film, there is slight inimitable behavior, violence and threat. We believe the film is not for kids; however, it wouldn't be classed as a 15 because there isn't much too cross the boundaries of a 12. This rating helps create a broader audience viewing and it suits our target audience as teens are able to watch it. We are happy to put out this rating without any disapproval.

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