What customs keep structure in a society?

Heian court

The custom of Heian court had high priority of rank. Rank was decided at your time of birth depending on which family you were born into. Another way your rank was decided was by your clothes and the height of your gatepost in front of your house. One final way you were ranked was by social ranking. Their were nine ranks; court nobles filled the top three and clerks and minor officials occupied the lower spots. This period also brought the golden age to japan; paintings, beauty, and entertainment flourished during these times people where also happier. This is important because when people know which rank their in they know what to do to keep structure in the kingdom. Peasants will continue to pay taxes and farm if it helps the kingdom. It is also important that people are happy because they will be less likely to revolt or refuse to work or pay taxes. Without this structure nobles would not be payed, and peasants would stop working which would result in a shortage of food which would tear the kingdom apart

This would happen if japan did not have structure

Overcoming isolation

People from China and Korea gave ideas to Japan two ideas they gave was government and craftsmanship. Learning craftsmanship is vital because you won't have to rely on trade for weapons. Also if you ever become enemies with the people you trade you will still have weapons. Government was also a big idea Japan received, they got this idea from China. The Chinese government was developed. It was good Japan imitated the Chinese government because it was stable and it had authority. It was also so well put together that it didn't have to worry about revolts because the pressure on the lower class wasn't that great.

Cultural diffusion


Had similar social classes to Europe. The Daimyo were similar to the landlords and the king was like the leader in Japan. Another way the Japanese kept structure was that every social class gave something to another. The peasants gave food and goods to the other classes, the king gave land to the peasants, the samurai protected all of them, and the Daimyo also kept plots of land and were wealthy. This helped keep structure because everyone does what their supposed to and get something in return. The peasants didn't feel completely left out because they were rewarded with plots of land and they felt safe because the samurai were protecting them. Since the lowest class is happy the kingdom is more likely to last and avoid civil war or revolts.

The samurai were a vital role in keeping structure in Japanese society

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