PPF AThletics 2021 NFL Combine & Pro Day DECEMBER 26 - FEBRUARY 19TH

About Us:

PPF Athletics is a training facility located 30 minutes north of Atlanta, Ga. We are rooted in the science of building our athletes to be bigger, faster, stronger. We follow a science based program that allows us to train hard but with a purpose. Results guaranteed! PPF opened its doors in summer of 2012 bringing to the table over 20 years of coaching and training experience. Throughout the years, we have created a family of hard work, dedication, and grit who together have accomplished many goals of being the best at their sport. Our sole focus is to build and develop any athlete whether they are top of their class or the unnoticed.

Small group and athlete focused!

PPF understands what it takes to develop an athlete. An exceptional amount of time and attention is dedicated individually to each athlete in order to properly develop them. We only take 6 athletes in our combine prep program to ensure that the time and dedication is there to meet all of our athletes needs.

Motivating Training Environment


Outdoor Field Access

4500 Sq. Ft. Weight Room

Indoor Sand Pit

4000 Sq. Ft. Indoor Turf Field

Cardio Equipment

On-site Sports Medicine


Sample Schedule:

Monday- *6:30am Breakfast *8:00am Warm Up/ Linear Speed *11:00am Lunch and Recovery *1:00pm Lower Body Strength/Power *3:00pm Video Review

Tuesday- *6:30am Breakfast *8:00am Warm Up/Agility and Footwork *11:00am Lunch and Recovery *1:00pm Upper Body Strength/Power *3:00pm Meeting and Interview Prep

Wednesday- *6:30am Breakfast *8:00am Warm Up/Pool Speed *11:00am Lunch and Recovery *1:00pm On-Field Position Drills *3:00pm White Board Prep

Thursday- *6:30am Breakfast *8:00am Warm Up/Combo Speed *11:00am Lunch and Recovery *1:00pm Endurance Lifts *3:00pm Vertical/Broad Jump Technique/Testing

Friday- *6:30am Breakfast *8:00am Warm Up/Lower Body Plyometrics *11:00am Lunch and Recovery *1:00pm Pro Shuttle/3 Cone Technique/Testing *3:00pm Balance and Coordination

Saturday- *7:30am Breakfast *9:00am Warm Up/ On-Field Position Drills *11:30am Lunch and Recovery *1:00pm Performance Yoga


Nutrition is a key factor in the development of our athletes. All athletes will go through an anthropometric/position specific needs analysis to assist our staff in creating a structured meal plan specific to each athlete's needs. A detailed nutritional analysis, full daily meal plan, and complete supplementation thru Optimum Nutrition is provided for each athlete. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served Monday thru Friday for each athlete based on their dietary needs.


Combine Prep: 8 Weeks of Training including an Initial Baseline, a Midterm Baseline, and an Exit Evaluation; Two training sessions per day plus a Daily Recovery Session (cryotherapy, chiropractic, sports medicine, massage all included); Daily meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner M-F) $4800

Accommodations: If needed/Additional Cost of approx. $2500 to cover all 7 weeks.

Pro Day Prep: 8 Weeks of Combine Prep plus a prorated weekly fee based on athletes Pro Day Date

Contact Info

Power Performance Fitness: 1240 Oak Industrial Lane, Cumming, Ga 30041

Instagram: ppfathletics Twitter: @ppf_athletics Facebook: power performance and fitness

phone: 678-910-3080 Email: richard@ppfathletics.com rebecca@ppfathletics.com



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