Native American Comprimises and concerns By EThan COmpher

Hello My Name Is David, Hoff I m a U.S senator and I am here today to address you good people on the growing problems of these here Indians am here to today to tell you the problems we are facing and the resolutions we have come up with today. We are facing the current problems right now-

*Resource extraction

*Territory and borders

*Fear of violence out break

These are just some of the many problems we have to face in this current time. Such events have already happened

*may-28-1890 Oklahoma territory was forcibly seized from the Indians even though we had an agreement with

*December-15-1890 sitting bull is killed leading to more un-necessary deaths at wounded knee.

*December-29-1890 the massacre of the Sioux

These are just some of the many injustices we have or have faced during this current year.

Recent resolutions have not been so well set as of now? What we have tried to do is offer shelter and protection to any refugee Indians or any surrendering ones. We have tried to compensate these Indians by giving them some of our animals and land that originally belonged to them. We have tried to contain any signs of struggle or violence.

The resolutions I have suggested

*we set up a program that enables Indians to redeem their self’s by doing labor or helping in the projects of the U.S. This enables them to earn land and material possessions to better there every day lives with this they could develop as people and we could along with them. We would have chieftains overlook this progress to make Shure they are compfisated for their work.We can give the Indians territory we have taken or give them that we no longer need or we could develop colonies with the Indians so that we could further develop as a get rid of the hostile feelings between the neighboring Indians we can show open arms to the Indians and offer them supplies and other necessities. If that doesn’t nessacaryily we can contain them in their place or establish camps to help them be educated so that they further understand and be knowing of are intentions and or hopes for the future.


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