Task 9 Presentation Ian Jones, Koh Nomura, Mitch Rajcic


In task 9, our goal is to use the sonar to locate the object and pick it up, then use the line followers to find the opening and escape the room. In other words, it's a combination of task 5 and task 8.


Where do we want the robot to pick up the object?

What values are needed for the sonar and line followers?

Where is the starting position for the robot?


This task was extremely difficult because we couldn't figure out the line follower and sonar values for the robot. Also, since our code wasn't written correctly, our robot wouldn't do what we wanted it to do. However, once we figured out the hardest part of the task, the rest was pretty easy.


One improvement we could have made in this task was to complete it faster. Another improvement we could have made was to see if we could start the robot in a different, more challenging place.

Code Pictures:



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