Tom Sawyer Leadership A multimeadia Presentation about Leadership abilities in Tom Sawyer

By Billy Hynes

Although Tom Sawyer is a troublesome kid, he has the leadership qualities of setting the right direction of others and leads others to be successful.

Tom Sawyer is a young boy living in the 1800's. In Tom Sawyer Tom found injun Joe killing Dr.Robinson and Muff Potter was blamed. Muff Potter was sentenced to a death penalty but Tom Sawyer knows the truth. Tom then leads the courthouse to find Injun Joe.

The Theme of Tom Sawyer is Adventure. This relates to my topic of leadership because in adventure you need to have leadership abilities like focus on whatever you are doing which is a important topic in leadership.

The novel addresses my research topic of leadership by Tom Sawyer helping lead to the right case in the Injun Joe case. It also addresses my topic by Tom Sawyer leading Huckleberry Finn with the leadership skills. In Tom Sawyer it shows leadership qualities to help him be successful in the book.

In this picture it shows the leadership qualities of intelligent, honest, creative, confident, driven, courageous. I feel like the most important quality is driven i believe that this is the most important because you have to want to be successful and the more you want to be successful the more driven you are to succeed. Also intelligent is important because leadership is the action of leading a group and you need to be smart to help lead people to the right direction.

Leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. Some leadership abilities. Adaptability and flexibility are more critical to effective leadership than vision. People who excel at leadership balance realism with optimism.

In this picture it is showing the multiple qualities of leadership. This is showing Plan, Team, Decision, Business. These qualities are important because they helped Tom Sawyer
This is showing that you have to trust your leader and follow their decisions because they are for the good of the group

In a website that I found it said that "It’s been said that leadership is making important but unpopular decisions". This is saying that that leaders have to make the most important and successful decisions even if not everybody likes them. These decisions

Focus and Communication These are one of the most important qualities of leadership. Tom Sawyer has these leadership qualities to guide other on how to be successful. Focus is the center of interest. This means you have to stay focused to be centered into one topic. Tom Sawyer was focused into one topic which was Injun Joes case.

Learning information from multiple perspectives influences my understanding of leadership by seeing different view pints. Some view points have different opinions like some pictures show different perspectives than websites and databases. In pictures you can understand what they are saying better because you can visualize it. But in websites you can read and understand which can also help you understand because it is more downshifted. This is why learning information from multiple perspectives helps my understanding of leadership because I can see multiple perspectives.

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