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Boudoir Therapy:

The process of creating self-love through photography

Have you ever heard of Boudoir therapy? It’s not as mainstream as physio or psychological therapy but it does exist and it is beneficial to the psyche. Boudoir Therapy is the process of undergoing a boudoir photoshoot to meditate, explore, and accept the terms or your own sensuality and sexuality.

Like many aspects of our mentality sensuality is something that takes a bit of exploration and discovery to fully understand. Uncovering this aspect of yourself brings acceptance and appreciation for you.


This is your chance to take a leap of faith and believe that you are worth it.

“Boudoir is an amazing experience that gives you permission to finally be yourself!

It makes you Feel Empowered

Boudoir Photoshoots put you in control of how you want to be captured and puts you in the driver’s seat of your own story. You get to decide who is the person in the photo and what they want. How often can you do that your daily life?

You get to see a Different Side of Yourself

What’s hiding under the person how has to work 30+ hours a week? Or maybe has to serve their family Monday through Sunday without a break. Sometimes when we break from our constant commitments our alter-ego emerges and takes over for a bit.

You Become Conscious about your body.

Boudoir puts you in the position of up close and personal with your own body. We spend a lot of time covering ourselves up or working out to keep our figures. Boudoir says we must accept ourselves as we are.

The photos can Strengthen your Relationship.

Sure, Boudoir photos make a great gift for your partner, but they also allow your partner to see you in a second light. This new perspective has the potential to bring back old or new feelings in the relationship.

You Deserve to be pampered.

You deserve time to take a moment away from your daily lives and our repetition of yourselves. We deserve a moment to sit and relax and focus on ourselves so that we can continue to be our best for those we love.

Ready to start your Boudoir Experience?

Send me a message and let’s finally plan your photoshoot… stop dreaming it! Let’s do it!

Created By
Alessio Petti


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