My PampangaExperience By darwish bederi

My first foray into Pampanga brought me to the sights of the "Philippine version of the Sistine Chapel" or Betis Church. The ceiling looks absolutely amazing and is intricately sketched and painted. An absolute sight to behold for me since it was my first time seeing this. You gaze up in awe at how someone could be that artistic and I am glad the artist was able to impart his vision of religion and Christianty in the most beautiful way possible.
The Betis church's history is also explained in detail and I also took the time to observe its exterior and marvel at the lengths the community has gone to maintain the church's longevity.
The other parts of Pampanga we passed by was San Guillermo church which was amazingly still intact despite being eaten up by lahar from the Pinatubo blast. It now serves as a museum of sorts and also as a place of prayer. The last stop in my diary is a parol factory and we got to see how the beautiful stars that light up the houses during Christmas are made.
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Darwish Bederi

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