Forest Sustainable Perspective in managing and challenges in handling it.

Malaysia perspective in conservation and management challenges for sustainable forest.

Challenges - Deforestation for development. Forest are being cut to cover up the need of human for house, food and transportation. Goverment are stuck in the middle of fulfilling the needs of population but need to save the earth as well. The rising of temperature from global warming which causing the earth sick from day to day. Moreover, to prevent forest from being invaded by unresponsibility human who only seek for wealth.

Management - Conserve a large area of forest to be protect and to save the ecosystem of the earth. This is to prevent the biodiversity of flora and fauna being threated by the development. Next, create awareness towards the comunity about the importance of forest as forest is not only for us but for future generation.

International perspective in conservation and management challenges for sustainable forest.

Challenges - Instead of needing more spaces to develop countries but at same time provide clear leadership in saving the earth. Need in saving the forest. Forest cover stands at 54.5 percent and at least 50 percent of total area will be maintained as forest and tree area. Next, need to set a robust standards and realistic criteria for sustainable forest management. This is to avoid from forest being cut without notice.

Management - Develop a consultant in managing the wants and need for cutting the forest. The long term conservation strategies to include the rehabilittion and setting aside of primary forests. Besides, the legal framework had been change for forest protection by incorporated with the International Conventional such a Convention on Biological Diversity to save the ecosystem and diversity of flora fauna species. Even though develop of countries in a must, animals and plants still can be saved. A brige called wildlife crossing are being made so animals can migrate and spreading themself without being harm by th development. This is to make a safer place and secure the animal to cross the road in a safe way.

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