A Guide To Natural Health Supplements

Stop and think about nature. We tend to take it for granted until a natural disaster hits, animals become extinct, or changes in weather shake up our daily lives, then we are captivated by it. Sunlight, trees, pollen, rain, plants, mud, rocks, animals, all of it affects us, and we affect all of it in return.

Modern agriculture has helped our society in many ways; however, it has introduced many problems as well. Eating has become commercialized and consequently quite unnatural. We are eating plants and animals shipped across the world to local grocery stores for our conveniences. Similarly, I can name many diets that have claimed to be the right way to eat, but have been proved bust.

I don’t want you to think I’m saying modern technology is bad.

It is amazing that you are even reading this right now! Modern advancements are a gift that has made connecting with friends in different time zones possible; it’s sent humans to the depths of the oceans and satellites into the depths of space. Nevertheless, we can’t forget about the first gift we have received, which is our natural biome. We’ve needed this to survive way before civilizations, governments, and technology.

Eating instead of dieting, breathing instead of stressing, moving instead of being still, is what I wish to help you with through this guide.

I wanted to create another perspective into which you see your life, your goals, your purpose and how to fulfill it with nature.

Nature is here for a reason, from algae and bacteria, to the sun; it’s time we reconnect with our natural environment, and see life how it is suppose to be seen.

The name of my business is Pure Vida, which the word “vida” means “life” in Spanish. That’s what I want from my life, and I want it for you as well.

Pure happiness, pure meaning, pure health, pure fulfillment, pure life.

Enjoy this guide! I hope it helps you in any and all parts of your life.


When I started Pure Vida, I knew I wanted to do more than sell natural products and supplements. I wanted to offer a guide into all of these areas, because it can be confusing and unclear where to start.

This part will be about supplements and why they can benefit a diet, especially someone who has areas of their diet with imbalances. Some of us need extra Iron or Calcium, while others have different health goals in mind.

Taking this into consideration, I want to offer these tips when finding supplements that work for you.

1. Blood Tests and Genetic Tests

The majority of the population can benefit from an array of supplements, however, there are still instances where an increased uptake of these supplements could do more harm than good. With that being said, getting your blood and/or genes tested and knowing what exactly your body does well and what it needs help with is a great start.

(I understand that not all people have access to these types of tests. Your body is smart, and can show you in what areas it needs help, but you have to listen to it. Even the smallest adjustment can make a huge difference within your body.)

If you are interested in blood/genetic testing reach out to me through email with the subject line “Testing” and I will send you options available that can analyze your results and give a description of what your biomarkers mean.

2. A high quality, trusted manufacturer

Choose your brand wisely.

Stick to brands that have been tested by independent sources, such as ConsumerLab.com, Organic Newsroom, or U.S. Pharmacopeia Convention (USP). If you don't understand a supplement's label, ask your doctor or pharmacist for an explanation.

An easy way to compare ingredients in products is to use the Dietary Supplement Label Database, which is available on the National Institute of Health's website. The database has information on the ingredients for thousands of dietary supplements sold in the United States. You can look up products by brand name, uses, active ingredient or manufacturer.

3. Vitamin D

The majority of the population can benefit from taking a Vitamin D supplement. Unlike other supplements, Vitamin D in excessive amounts will do no harm. Naturally, Vitamin D comes from the sun. We are designed around the sun, the average person wakes up when it rises, and when it sets, it’s a good indication for us to rest and sleep. Being in the sun usually means we are being active, social and our endorphin levels are high, and these things benefit our mood and our wellbeing.

Especially the winter months, Vitamin D is important.

It is needed for calcium absorption and bone growth. A deficiency in this vitamin has been linked to breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, and depression and weight gain. Researchers also believe that it could help prevent autism, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, flu, and neuromuscular diseases.

4. Creatine

This supplement isn’t just for body builders, workout enthusiasts or more who exercise. Creatine has extraordinary brain-protective and health-protective properties.

5 grams of creatine per day has been beneficial for individuals with major onsets of depression, as well as providing protection against neurological diseases.

Vegetarians and Vegans should especially consider a creatine supplement because it is mainly found in foods such as red meat and seafood.

5. Fish Oil

Decreasing triglycerides, which is a precursor for heart disease. Fish oil could benefit individuals who have a family history of heart disease, high triglyceride levels, an unbalanced diet, or chronic pain and ailments. High in Omega-3 essential fatty acids, it could decrease chances for diabetes and lower your risks for many types of cancer. Consulting with a doctor and getting your blood tested will give you a better idea if this supplement is right for you.

6. Multivitamin

Many individuals have inadequacies in a host of vitamins and minerals. A study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found these percentages (Endure these numbers with me:)

Those not supplementing with anything:

  • 96% of individuals inadequate in Vitamin E
  • 96% of individuals inadequate in Vitamin D
  • 58% of individuals inadequate in Vitamin A
  • 48% of individuals inadequate in Vitamin C

Those supplementing with a multivitamin:

  • 5% of individuals inadequate in Vitamin E
  • 25% of individuals inadequate in Vitamin D
  • 2% of individuals inadequate in Vitamin A
  • 3% of individuals inadequate in Vitamin C

All these percentages recommend, especially individuals not eating a balanced diet, supplementing with a multivitamin. Refer back to tip #2 in choosing a right manufacturer for you. Pure Encapsulations O.N.E. multivitamin is a great multivitamin, which provides vitamins A, B, C, D and E in highly bioavailable forms and well as a broad spectrum of essential micronutrients.

One of the best things about nature is it's simplicity. Start small and make changes that you feel comfortable doing.

Check out my website at purevidaonline.com for natural products and certified supplements that will benefit your lifestyle.

If you have a month, I would love to work with you!

Check out The Simplify Your Vida Program, available at purevidaonline.com.

What does it include?

  1. Understanding You: A questionnaire about your body features, activity level, appetite, sleep, digestion, and more.
  2. Grocery guideline based on your body's needs, where you live, and the time of year.
  3. Five recipes that are easy, understandable, and nutritious.
  4. Exercise routine. A routine that works for you.
  5. Personalized weekly initiatives and affirmations.
  6. Breathing and meditation routine.
  7. Skin care routine and recommended product list.
I appreciate you and your time tremendously! Simplify your vida, connect to nature, be your best.
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Liz Kapelan


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