Choose Your Story Holes : Stanley and Zero, briefcase finder

In the morning at 4:00 am, Stanley and Zero travels back to Camp Green Lake. The most horrible place to be. They are here to dig Stanley's hole where he really found the lipstick case. They start digging deep when, they find the case. "We did it, Omg, we found it.", Stanley and Zero shout out loud. Loud enough to wake up the Warden, Mr. Pendanski, and Mr. Sir. "Give me the case before I call charges and they arrest you two."

Choose your own story: Do they run and escape with the case, or notice that the case didn't have Stanley's name on it.

If you choose to run away with the briefcase, go to heading 1

If you choose to notice the briefcase doesn't has his name on it, go to heading two

Heading 1

Stanley and Zero look at each other and decided to do one thing, run for their life. It was worth the try, they were already in a bunch of time. They leaped out of the hole with yellow spotted lizards as they ran at lighting speed.

5 hours later, still in the morning, Stanley and Zero had finally found a pond of muddy water. Lucky for them, they had been walking for hours and there were police. "Good god, how did you survive out here. We been waiting to pick up a boy named Stanley, he kind of looks like you, but fatter." "I am Stanley ." Stanley said with a dry and crisping mouth. "Come inside and I've drive your friend home. So where do you live young boy." "I don't have a family or a home." "Well, come inside and bring your stuff inside."

Do they both go inside or just stay out

Go inside t he car, heading 3 Stay out, heading 4

Heading 3 They drove into the dry land. Even through the car looked small, it was very refreshing and had a bunch of drinks.
Finally after hours of waiting in the police car and listening to jazz music, there came across town.

Later in court, Stanley had not stole the shoes and was released and so was Zero. Even through Zero couldn't hire people to find his mother, he became Stanley's brother. The Warden and the other people was arrested. Stanley's family became rich and his family became famous.

Heading 4

Stanley and Zero watched as the two police drove away in the dusty desert. Those cops could've been fake and kid nappers. Lucky for them, they found a boat and later fell asleep. Next thing they knew, they were rich and Zero was claimed as Stanley's lost brother.

Even through Stanley's family didn't believe in the curse, at the end of the day, it was the curse that saved his day.

Heading two

"Give me the case, you kids." shouted the Warden. It doesn't even have your name on it."

The Warden ripped the case out of Stanley's and Zero's hand. But fell into the hole of sand. They watched as Stanley and Zero climbed into the car before the other guards ran after him

Hours later, Stanley was home and was released from any charges. Zero found his mother and moved next door from Stanley. They opened the case and found some much money. They brought a better house , gave some to Zero's family and deliver to the poor.

Money that Stanley and Zero found

Over time, people didn't fear of The Warden, the Camp turned into a girls scout club. For all of the other kids in the camp, Squid, zigzag, and the others, they were sent to live with their family and were punished to do things for good for the rest of their life.

Police never found the Warden that was in the hole, some people say still that she still looking for that treasure.

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