WHAT ABOUT? What if your life with god was not about religion?

What if the essence of God's life for you was more than some kind of conformity, more than morality, more than helping you shape up enough to make you think you had arrived at a point where you believe yourself worthy enough to be loved? What if His gift to you was none of these but something far better?

What if what God has on offer was not substitutes for life but life itself. Life as a Person?

What if Jesus wanted you to know that the parable of The Sower is not about you ridding sin from your life or making yourself amenable to God. What if the stones the rocks and the weeds in the story were not persistent or even favourite sins? What if they were our most cherished malformed beliefs, our most distorted perversion of His Gospel. What if it really means law-riddled christianity? What if the slabs of rock where the seeds fell, shot and withered for lack of moisture and soil is the embedded assumptions that we have inherited; the amended gospel we have attached to that resists the light of Jesus and the truth of God? What if this parable is really about our resistance to our inheritance and the new covenant?

What if The Sower is about a barren landscape we have created ourselves from a distorted gospel?

Baxter Kruger writes, "What if Jesus reached into his own soul, as it were, and took his own spiritual knowledge of the Father's heart and gave it to you, put it in your soul? What if he were able to penetrate our projections and share his own perception with us in our falleness? This is where the gift Jesus gives to the human race is far greater than any religion. This is the stunning turn in the history of human existence." (1)

What if Jesus is well able to penetrate our darkness and reveal the truth about God and about us?

This is better than any 'perspective' and religion, any status and security we think we have in any community of belief. This is where God is and where your real self grows. This is where you grow up from being a worker to a son/daughter of God.

Jesus is your life. He shares life itself with you - from Himself. He shares His relationship with Father and Holy Spirit with you. Your fellowship with Jesus is your fellowship with the Holy Family. Jesus makes you at home in God.

What if you had a life in God that was not about religion. Because it was about life - the life living in you and the spirit of life expressing as you?

In Jesus is your life. You are the expression of His life and fully the you that is you. You will live in the moment and you will live forever!
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