Cochrane Public School News April 2017

Family Engagement and Literacy Session

Mrs. Desormeau and Ms. Girard recently hosted a Family Engagement and Literacy session in their ELKP classroom! Caregivers were shown the many different ways that reading and writing development are supported in the classroom through demonstrations by their teachers and children. Parents were given tools and tips to help them when reading and writing with their child at home. It was a wonderful turn out!

Here, family members participate in a shared reading lesson!

Ms. Girard demonstrated a literacy game that builds letter and word recognition skills.

Mme. Desormeau explains what "popcorn" words are!

Amelia demonstrated to her family how she uses her special reading finger to track text and read words. Of course, her special reading glasses help too!

Caleb loved reading to his Grandma!

Levi showed how he uses pictures to help when reading text.

Students were excited to get out their independent reading bins to read with their families.

At the end of the evening, families were treated to dinner!

Math Club Fraction Party

Every Tuesday and Thursday after school for the past several weeks, a dedicated group of students along with two special teachers, honed their Math skills by participating in various activities that pushed their thinking and reasoning skills, developed their problem solving capabilities and improved their communication in Math. What better way to celebrate the end of the program than to have a "Fraction Party". Thank you to Mrs. Louise Belisle and Mrs. Kim Belisle for planning fun and engaging Math tasks for these students!

Participants of the Math Club proudly hold their certificates.

In the last few weeks, students in our Eco-Explorations program enjoyed snowshoeing at the Ski Club and ice-fishing at Lillabelle Lake.

Challenge Based Learning

The children in Mme. Demers and Mme. Charron's ELKP class have been learning about real world problems & figuring out ways to help. They chose to learn more about why some children do not have much to eat. They are also considering how some have more of everything while others either don't have as much or anything at all. Even though they are little they are learning they can make a difference. They have had a visit from a dietitian to learn about heathy eating habits & heathy food. They decided they want to make healthy breakfast bars and give them to the breakfast club. We visited the food bank & they asked Mr Rocheleau the manager many questions. He graciously answered them all in French & English. They had a tour of the food bank. We went to the Cochrane Legion and were served a wonderful lunch of soup, grill cheese sandwich, a juice & desert for a small charge. Helping out a non profit group and enjoying a meal together! The Legion members presented the children with ribbons to commemorate their visit. Then off to Value Mart for a scavenger hunt to gather our ingredients for our blueberry morning breakfast cookies! The staff at Value Mart were pleased with the students manners and good behaviour.

We all enjoyed our day including the parents that were able to come out & help with this wonderful field trip.

Author Inspiration

Recently, Mme Louise's grade 6 students met up with the students from Mme Demers' class to interview them. Mme Demers' students will be main characters in stories being composed by the grade 6s.

How Do Animals Move?

Mrs. Belisle's Gr. 1 Drama students imagined what it was like to move like different animals. Hopping, slithering, galloping, flying - what fun!

A Peek into Centre Time in Kindergarten!

Labelling a picture!
Math time!
Chalk and Sock!
Building reading skills with Ooka Island!

STEM Challenges

Mme. Demers and Mme. Charron's class enjoy STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) time! Here is this week's challenge: Plan, build, test and refine catapults. Students watched youtube videos on catapults and then decided to build their own using everyday items.

After a few weeks of planning, preparing and practicing, seventeen different acts performed in a talent show for the school! Gymnastics, dancing, singing and an RC demonstration rounded out the list of acts! We sure have a lot of talent at our school! Thank you to Ms. Benson for her help in organizing the talent show.

Farewell to Mrs. Biers!

On Friday Mar. 31, we said good bye to Mrs. Jane Biers who has been our secretary at Cochrane Public for many years. She hasn't gone too far but we will miss her smiling face at our front desk. Mrs. Biers has accepted the Office Manager position at ESCHS after Mrs. Eliane Crickard's retirement. Good luck Jane in your new role! Our students and staff will miss you!

Math challenge day

Please save all sorts of paper recyclables for our upcoming Math Challenge Day on May 5, 2017. We are looking for paper tubes, egg cartons, food cartons and other recyclables. Send them on to school with your child!

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