Being 15(ish) In Thailand By: MEgan Willson

This is Thailand. It is about twice the size of Colorado in size.

The population of Thailand is 67.96 million people. In its capital city, Bangkok, there is a population of 8.28 million people.

Their main religion is Theravada Buddhism. In fact, 95% of the population are Buddhists.

It is often referred to as the "Land of Smiles" because tourists love its raw beauty and because of the friendly and cheerful nature of the people who live there.

Being 15(ish) in Thailand is busy but beautiful, because of the tasks in everyday life and the uniqueness of the country.
Teens in Thailand keep busy with their family, school, and social life. Like in the US, academics and family are very large part of their life.
Sometimes extended family such as grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles will live in the same household to support the family("Culture in Thailand - Reach to Teach"). It is also quite common to see teens hard at work at their family’s business near their house("How To").
With having the majority of their family living in their house and working a lot of the time, it is expected to have quite a busy life. You’re paying for more people’s necessities as well as providing for yourself. You’d have to keep up many jobs and resources to keep supporting everyone. Every penny counts, including the ones made by the teens.
Thailand has a very unique culture and way of life. It is deeply influenced by religion. Their daily lives depend heavily on their culture.
Showing any sort of negative emotion in public in Thailand is strongly discouraged. People are expected to keep a friendly attitude and smile("Culture in Thailand - Reach to Teach"). Around 95% of the entire Thai population are Buddhists("Thai Culture and Customs"). Also, it is considered very rude and impolite to touch anyone on the head as it is considered the most sacred part of the body(Howard).
Due to their religion, there are many different and new customs in Thailand. They have some very uncommon practices but that just makes it all the more interesting and beautiful.
Through this process by finding a connection, I realized that teen’s daily lives in each country aren’t that different. At first I thought that the lives of teens in Thailand would be so much different than mine because they live on the other side of the globe. They also have a different main religion, which I thought would have major impact on their daily compared to mine but it doesn’t.
“Every other Wednesday I have dance classes. We are learning traditional Thai dances.” says Maroomdee. She’s a thirteen year old girl in Thailand who lives a life similar to mine. Also I found that Muay Thai boxing is a very popular sport in Thailand("How To") which is a very aggressive sport many teens enjoy. In school, teens are graded with a 4 point grading scale. They are also required to take a final test at the end of each school level. They must pass or they will have to redo the entire level or take summer school("How To").
Learning that this girl had dance classes like me and coincidentally on the same day helped me open my eyes and realized that their life isn’t that different. They also have the some of the same educational techniques as us, as well as popular activities they often participate in.
In these teen’s daily lives, there is a lot of work and beauty. Thailand’s culture brings a very lively atmosphere along with an very fascinating traditions. Overall I found that our lives in each country are really quite similar. They almost always have been, it just took me a little bit of researching and time to realize that. It was an extremely interesting country to learn and research about.

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