South Carolina By: M.g

The climate in South Carolina is humid in hot summers, even in South Carolina winters are a little bit hot!
South Carolina has a great amount of people who are famous. A big amount served in the civil war and they had to honor them in a good way.
The famos food in South Carolina is good for family members who have visited, some of the best food in South Carolina is mac and cheese, grits, fatback and milk.
South Carolina is mostly used for visiting. South Carolina also is used for hotels and restaurants.
The best main resource is wildlife, wood, and water. Wildlife is used for medicine, the wood is for houses, and the water is used for water wells.
The state name is the Palmetto state. The state flower is the yellow jasmine. The state tree is the Sabal palm. The state bird is the Carolina wren.
I hope you had a good time learning about South Carolina, have a good day.


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