My name is Liew Shey Li, born in Kuantan. I love to sing, draw, eat and sleep. I like buying cosmetics but I rarely make up and I wear glasses 86% of the time. My brother and my friends always ask me to take photos of them because they would look a lot taller in photos and I guess that's the only thing that I'm good at when taking photos.
Self image building with different type of tools among youth

As the meaning of ingenuity is the quality of being inventive and original, I think that many young people, including myself, use self-invention "tools" to build their own image unconsciously. These "tools" help young people to discover their new image in different age stages. In my perspective, the self-invention "tools" are the explanations of how discovery and ingenuity among youth takes place.

Canon EOS 700D / ISO: 800 / Aperture: 6.3 /Shutter Speed: 1/100


photographed by Shey Li Liew

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