Dabo and Tilly Duck Clemson's Unofficial Mascots

Once upon a time, there was a duck named Dabo Duck. He lived in the Reflection Pond at Clemson University and was loved by all the students and professors alike.
He was named after Clemson's hero, Dabo Swinney. It was an appropriate name for such a majestic duck.
Then one day out of nowhere, another duck arrived.
She was quickly named Tilly (After Tillman tower), and soon she and Dabo fell in love.
They spent all of their time together, unaware of the love that the students at Clemson University had for them.
As their romance blossomed, so did student interest in the two lovebirds (ducks).

In the end, Dabo and Tilly were moved to a different home and all of Clemson mourned their departure.


Created with images by mblouir - "Reflection Pond"

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