Steve's story A internet story

There was a boy named Steve and he loved to play Minecraft with some strangers online.

He managed to make a friend on Minecraft and they became good friends.

Steve's birthday was coming up and his new friend wanted to give him a present.
Steve, wanting another present, gave his online friend his address without telling his parents.
When his birthday came around he got a surprise that he and his parents never expected.
During the night his online "friend" broke into their house and stole various things like jewelry and their TV.
In the end, Steve learned to never give his private information to people he meets on the internet.


Created with images by Hash Milhan - "crime scene" • StartupStockPhotos - "children win success" • joakant - "handshake hands welcome" • ImageParty - "gift box present ribbon" • mschellhase - "House" • kira_fotografie - "glass broken fragmented" • DariuszSankowski - "phone screen technology"

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