A Cosmic Transformation lz blasts off into outer-space

Barren, desolate, whitewashed. That is how the halls of LZ looked before 9th hour Friday.

But this year, homecoming decorations decided to change course and have students decorate the school during Friday as well as Sunday.

To find out more about why the school change Homecoming decor to Sunday, click this line.

"Without Homecoming, the walls look so boring. I know we have the banners [from the graduates] and some art, but is too little and not spaced out enough," Emily Buchta, junior, member of German club, said.

But getting a thought from the mind and launching it to the paper requires the help of multiple people, according to Zarah Hasan, senior and Editor In Chief of yearbook club.

Reagan Petrow, left, and Marguerite Francis, right, take a break from homecoming decorating to have a mock Star Wars battle with light-sabers. "You have to have fun while you work or you will get sick of working on the same project," Francis said. Francis is part of Spanish Club, while Petrow is part of Drama Club.

Noah Short, junior, smacks droplets of paint on paper, getting a starry look. Short is in German club and hopes that students will like the club's final product.

Demietra Panousis, member of Drama Club and Ginger Mirabelli, member of Tri-M, juniors, pose in front of their artwork in progress." I love painting new things [and] being able to be really creative," Panousis said.

"I love the environment during Homecoming decorating. Francis said. "It is really cool to walk through a hall and say that 'I did that' and it makes you feel proud and accomplished at the hard work you put in.

Madelyn Zolnierek, Rinna Kim, Kathleen Zolnierek, juniors, members of NHS, take a break from decorating. 'I love being able to strengthen and build relationships with others," Madelyn Zolnierek said." It really helps to brighten up the school and to make a new friend."
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