Max Makes a monster

Do what you can with all you have, wherever you are. Theodore Roosevelt

This term we will be constructing a monster for Steven Spielberg. we will give it exciting actions and movements. The monster has to be exciting and original.

This little white boy will blow streamers
This little kiwi boy will have a button buzzer
This weird looking tea maker will have lights coming out of his mouth
And this cool little dude will play music and have earphones

Definition of a monster: a large, ugly, and frightening creature.

My monsters backstory: my monster started off as a fan, led light, button, and earbuds. It had to collect 4 severed heads to insert its technological compartments in too. It kills its victims by screaming so loud; it melts the persons insides. By day it goes around entertaining people, but at night it kills random people.

I will be comparing my super duper scary monster with hitler, who is one of the worlds biggest monsters to ever go down in history.

Comparison between hitler and my monster

Design of what one of the heads might look like

MATERIALS: LEGO, random components, paper, paddle pop sticks, earphones with phone, button buzzer, led lights.

This involves maths because we need to count the amount of pieces and components.

This involves engineering because we need to build a robot.

This involves technology because we need to program things like arms and wheels.


How heavy is it

How exciting is it

Is it useful

How many heads does it have

what are its functions

How many functions does it have

Is it water proof

Is it high tech

Is it safe

is it harmful

Does it have a personality

Who made it

Does it have hair

What does it do can it drive how many touches does it have

Is it fireproof

Is it durable

Does it have wheels

How high is it

How wide is it

How big is it

How many heads does it have

Does it move

How does it move

What gender is it

What noise does it make

Can it climb

How fast

What is it made of

What's it favourite colour

What does it eat

What does it drink

What does he do

Can he fly

How many legs does it have

How many faces

Does it have legs

How many eyes

What can he say

Does he speak

Can it rotate

How fast does the fan rotate

How many streamers does it have

What minerals is it made of

Can you eat it

Can you drink it

What is its habitat

Where did it come from

How are the wires going to connect

How are we going to make

How long is it going to take to make

How many parts does it have

What are we going to call it

Is it controllable

Can it be effected by wheather

Is it effected by wind can it go on grass

Can it turn

Can techrax destroy it

Can drive through grass

Will it look good

What's the radius of each wheel

How many eyes in total

What music does the phone play

Will it break

Where do we store it

Can he reproduce over robots

Does he have arms

Is the paper coloured

What's sticking it all together

Do we have to destroy it at the end

70Are we actually going to show this to Steven Spielberg

How is it powered

How is it operated

How is it a monster

Will the whole monster operate from one power source

Is it drop resistant

Will it over heat

Will it freeze

Can it be charged

What are its weaknesses

Can it be used in military

My monster

REFLECTION: In this assignment, I have covered most aspects on building a monster. I have demonstrated aspects of technology, engineering, mathematics. This shows all the steps in the making of a monster, and demonstrates what I'm making next term.

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