Travel Through The Body Science

In this travel through the body I will be pretending that I am a red blood cell traveling through the circulatory system and the respiratory system. I will include what I am traveling through and what I see.

I am a red blood cell. Red blood cells are large microscopic cells that don't have nuclei. We carry oxygen from your lungs to body cells and carry carbon dioxide from body cells to your lungs. I am here to tell you this process but it will have a lot more details. I started out inside the bone marrow (which is obviously inside your bones) along with many other red blood cells. I waited there until my body needed more red blood cells. Then I went out of the bone along with lots of my friends. Once I located the vein I went inside it. It is like a huge water slide that tons of cells can go in at once. I feels more like a lazy river because it pulls you around without you doing anyhing. Before we get to the heart we have a competition to see how much carbon dioxide we can collect. Then we got to this huge windy lump, that I think is called the Heart. We entered it from the Vena Cava. Then we went to the Right Atrium, and from there we through the Tricuspid valve to the Right Ventricle. I like to think of the atriums and the ventricles as huge auditoriums. The valves are pretty cool but once they closed because evidentially there was to much traffik (or something like that.)we went through thI didn't like the end where you get pushed out of the pulmonary arteries. But after that we went to the lungs. That is where I dropped off the carbon dioxide. After that I collected as much oxygen as I could carry then return back to the heart. Only this time the other side. We entered the Left Atrium from the Pulmonary vein. We went through the Mitral valve to the Left Ventricle. Then we went through the Pulmonary Valve and finally out through the Aorta. From the Aorta I went to smaller arteries. I travel all over the body depositing oxygen. Last but not least I go back to the heart with pretty much no oxygen, and I enter through the superior and inferior vena cava. Then the process repeats itself over and over until I get old and die. Then another blood cell replaces me.

These are the pathways of blood through the heart.

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Sierra Dettling


Created with images by crackdog - "Internal Organs of the Human Body from The Household Physician, 1905"

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