St Mary's College Term 3, Issue 1


Welcome to Term 3. I hope you enjoyed the holiday period and the perfect weather we had here in Broome. We count ourselves very fortunate to be where we are and to be able to enjoy our freedom and lifestyle. I know many of our community have family and friends across Australia coping with more lockdowns and a very worrying new phase in the COVID 19 pandemic. We will continue to keep all those affected by COVID 19 in our thoughts and prayers both in Australia and internationally.

As a College and as a Catholic system we continue to monitor the COVID 19 situation carefully and respond appropriately. We continue to follow good hand hygiene practice and ask parents to monitor the health of their children and should they be sick please keep them at home.

I am sure by now you have all been watching the progress of the parking and roadworks on Port Drive. This is the result of a collaboration between St Mary’s College and the Broome Shire to increase our parking capacity and to make the movement from our primary and secondary campus’ safer and more connected. We are so very pleased with the outcome so far and look forward to the new parking coming online in the very near future. Please watch this space.

Please be advised that the official opening for our Stage 10 and 11 buildings will occur on August 16th at 3pm. Our families are more than welcome to come join us for this important milestone. We will be joined by members of CEWA, Government Ministers, past Principals our wonderful architects from ENGAWA, representation from H&M Tracey who completed the stages and other invited guests who have been important in realising the regeneration of St Mary’s College. We will be specifically opening the Kindy and Primary Administration building, the Performing Arts building, the new general classrooms on secondary and the Food and Textiles building. We look forward to these celebrations as we forge ahead with our Stage 12 build which has already begun on our Primary campus with the new Pre-Primary build. This will complete the Early Learning Centre on primary ready for the 2022 school year.

As you are aware we have been granted permission to continue developing our three-stream primary campus capping the number in each classroom at 25 students. Next year this will extend to Kindy, Pre-Primary and Year 1. Enrolments are now open for Kindy and Pre-Primary for 2022, please encourage interested families to contact our primary administration if they wish to secure their place for 2022.

We have also commenced external enrolments for Year 7 for 2022. In coming weeks our own Year 5 and 6 students will experience their Taste of Secondary day as part of our St Mary’s College transition from primary to secondary. This is always a fantastic experience for our students. We will then host an Open Parent Evening for all Year 7 2022 parents to introduce our own primary parents to our secondary campus along with new or prospective parents from other schools for 2022. A reminder to our Year 6 parents that you will not need to re-enrol your child for Year 7 our own students are automatically allocated a spot in Year 7. We will however be asking for confirmation of attendance in 2022 in the coming weeks so we know exacting how many places we have for students external to St Mary’s College.

Term 3 signals the beginning of change for many of our students. Our Year 12’s are into their final run before graduation, our Year 10 students are considering what they might like to do in Year 11 and 12 and our Year 6 students are preparing for their transition to secondary. It is a time of hope and optimism that requires lots of conversation and careful consideration both at school and at home. It is wonderful to see the strong home school partnerships that exist across our community as we work together to support our students during these times of transition. We wish all our students well in their studies in Semester 2 and look forward to the many wonderful events and celebrations to come as we mark significant milestones in the coming months.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome two new members of staff to our secondary campus. Ms Jane Bennett- HOLA VET and Careers joins us this term from St Josephs in Albany. Jane has much experience in this area, and we look forward to having her work with us to develop and strengthen this vital part of our secondary experience. We also welcome Mr Simon Jones- Deputy Principal of Curriculum who joins us from Servite College in Perth. Simon replaces Ms Lea who is retiring after five wonderful years of service to our community and more than 40 years of service as a teacher and leader. Simon will bring an innovative approach to our secondary curriculum, and we look forward to commencing our work together. We will also farewell Lea for her service in the weeks to come.

Carol Bell - Principal


It is with great pleasure that I join the St Mary’s College community. As the new Head of VET, Careers and Workplace I am looking forward to working closely with students, parents and staff to develop and create multiple opportunities within the Vocational Education area. In the first few days the students have been incredibly welcoming, catching up with me during break times and asking lots of questions.

I have moved, with my family, to Broome from the cold south – Albany. In my previous role I was fortunate enough to be able to build a strong, ongoing VET program, as well as positive industry partnerships for the benefits of the students. I hope to do the same at St Mary’s College. In addition, I love to assist students in achieving their dreams and aspirations. Success comes in many forms and may evolve over time. My role will be to keep as many pathways open for students as possible, so that they are able to take advantage of all that life offers. I will work with students from Year 7 to Year 12 to help them be the best that they can be.

Mrs Jane Bennett, Head of VET, Careers & Workplace


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and welcome you to the start of Semester 2. My name is Simon Jones and I have the privilege of being the new Deputy Principal – Curriculum at St Mary’s College.

As a school student I had never thought of being a teacher, in fact I could not think of anything worse. However, to find a job that would allow me to work part time while I studied, I decided to give teaching a go. In a strange twist of fate, I found that I enjoyed teaching so much that I decided to turn down the option to do further study and became a teacher full-time.

My first teaching job was at a Catholic boarding school for boys in the South-East of England. I was very fortunate to be give the opportunity to teach two of my favourite subjects, Science and Rugby. Then, in 2004, after two years of teaching in England, my wife and I moved to Western Australia and, in 2005, I started teaching in the small country town of Manjimup. In 2007 I moved to Perth where I have taught in several schools for the past 15 years.

Outside of school, I have a wife and 2 children. They are currently living in Perth while we wait for accommodation to become available. They are planning on moving to Broome at the end of Term 3. My son (Year 10) and daughter (Year 8) will commence at St Mary’s College in Term 4. We love the outdoor lifestyle, fishing and camping, and are very much looking forward to exploring this beautiful part of Australia.

I’m looking forward to working with you all, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind Regards, Mr. Simon Jones



Check out our new waste warrior vests! You’ll spot these kiddos saving the world from a mile away. Huge thanks to our St Mary's College Parents' and Friends' for funding this project!

Shannon O'Connor - Teacher Primary



Secondary students returned to classes day 1. Starting the week with House Assembly and a College Assembly. This gave us an opportunity to, celebrate students achievements, remind students of our expectations and inform students about what is happening this term.

With the start of a new semester please see some of the following expectations:


• Uniform is expected to be as below

• Students can only wear their PE uniform to school if they have PE period 1.

• Students can only wear their PE uniform home from school if they have PE period 6.

• Plain navy or black jumpers can be worn on colder days.

Mobile Phones

  • Student may bring their mobile phones to school
  • Their phones must be securely stored in their lockers
  • Phones must not be used at school during the school day
  • Students may make calls at student reception if needed
  • Parents are asked to contact the College to pass on any urgent message to students

Recess and Lunches

• We encourage students to consume a well balanced lunch in school.

• Lunches are now available to order Online - Go to School Lunches Online to register or call reception for more details.

• We ask families not to drop off any fast food from outlets around town anytime during the school day.

Sarah Gardner - Deputy Principal Pastoral Care


Attendance responsibility - St Mary’s College and Parents/Caregivers

As a parent or guardian, you are required by the School Education Act 1999 to ensure that your child attends school every day. Going to school every day is such an important part of your child’s education, and school attendance matters as early as Kindergarten. Attendance and participation ensures your child develops important skills and knowledge to help them learn, as well as social and emotional skills such as good communication, resilience, acceptance and empathy.

The College is responsible for monitoring and accurately recording the attendance of every student enrolled at St Mary’s College. If a student is absent, the parent or guardian must notify the College of the reason for the student’s absence as soon as practical.

The Primary Campus can be contacted on 9194 9560.

The Secondary Campus can be contacted on 9194 9580.

The College sends SMS messages each day to parents and guardians whose child is absent from school. Upon receipt of such SMS messages, the College asks parents and guardians to contact the College to confirm the reason for the absence.

How else can you contribute to improved attendance?

• Help your child to get to school every day (be sure to contact the school if you need some assistance with this)

• Inform the school of any barriers that may be keeping your child from attending school

• Work in partnership with the school to monitor your child’s attendance

• Positively acknowledge and encourage your child’s improvement in attendance


Friday 6 August 2021 is Census Day. So, what is the ‘Census’?

The Census is a data collection, whereby schools submit a range of demographic information on students who are considered eligible for State and Commonwealth Government funding. Eligibility is determined on a student’s enrolment and their attendance history and pattern. This funding forms approximately 90% of the recurrent income of St Mary’s College each year. This funding enables the College to continue to provide the staffing, resources and facilities to meet the learning, and social and emotional needs of every student.

It is therefore vital that the College works with families to ensure a student’s attendance is regular, not only so our students grow and develop, but to ensure the College has funds to sustain delivering the best wholistic education it possibly can.

The Government uses the Census data to calculate funding and create informed and tailored policies for Australian schools. The Census informs part of the My School website, giving parents and the community information about the needs of each school’s students.

We look forward to continuing to work with our families to encourage attendance; every student, every day.

Amy Hyett - Business Manager

Some Important Secondary Information


All Semester 1 reports were uploaded onto SEQTA on the last day of Term 1. All parents should have access to reports. If you are unable to see your child’s report, please contact Clare at Secondary Reception who will be able to help you set up your SEQTA account. If you would like a paper copy of your child’s report please contact the College - we can print one for you.


A quick reminder to all families that on Tuesday, July 27 there will be Parent/Student/Teacher conversations for all Secondary students. This evening begins at 3:00pm and concludes at 6:30pm. Parents can make bookings were opened on Tuesday and can be made until July 26 at 6:00pm by following this link Parent Interviews or going to www.schoolinterviews.com.au and entering the event code. 2s3gk.


Year 12 students are now in the last term of their Secondary schooling. This is the most important stage and all Year 12s need to be working on completing their courses to the best of their ability.


Thank you to all the parents and students who attended our Year 10 information evening on Tuesday night. Over the next 3 weeks all Year 10 students will be involved in choosing subjects for Years 11 and 12. All parents will be invited to meetings with one of the members of our course counselling team, to help guide students through this process. Semester 2 Year 10 is an important time for students to show how good they can be, so they can meet prerequisites for senior school subjects. The year 10s have been moved into Pre-ATAR and Pre-General classes to ensure they have the background information to be successful in whatever they choose for Year 11.


A reminder that all Secondary students should be dropped-off or picked-up at the Guy St entrance, NOT on Port Drive. The school buses come in through Port Drive and need to be able to get in and out quickly to remain on schedule. When coming in through Guy St, please move as far forward as you can to pick up your children. If they are not there, you need to park and wait for them so other parents can get through. We have duty staff in this area in the afternoons to guide you. Please follow their instructions.



The last week of Term 2 seen the College celebrate NAIDOC week. As half of the secondary student body was taking part in Kimberley cup the College prepared an alternative timetable where students chose their activities each day. Activities ranged from excursions like Hiking in Minyrr Park to cake decorating and rosary bead design. This was an enjoyable week for all staff and students. I would like to thank all the staff for their efforts this week, especially our Aboriginal Teacher Assistants who prepared and delivered culturally inspired lessons for students to partake in.

Sarah Gardner - Deputy Principal Pastoral Care


Our Primary celebrated NAIDOC with a week of fabulous activities, including our students planting out our fabulous Cultural Space & participating in a wonderful Heal Country Assembly whilst our staff celebrated together with a delicious shared lunch! We thank all out Aboriginal Teacher Assistants, Teachers and Staff for preparing such a wonderful week of experiences.


Kimberley Cup was run in week 11 of Term 2. As a whole, we performed really well and ended up winning the Grand Final for the following sports:

• Boys Volleyball • Girls Volleyball • Netball Div 2 • Boys Basketball Div 2 • Girls Basketball Div 2

We also made it to the Grand Final in Mixed Volleyball, Mixed Basketball (lost by 1 point), Mixed Soccer and missed out on the Boys AFL Grand Final only by percentage.

The students also performed excellent in their sports, with the following students receiving Most Valuable Player awards: Djalen Monck O’Meara - Volleyball, Rosa Hungerford Morgan - Volleyball, Henrietta Ningella - Basketball, Chris Drage Hine - AFL, Lewis Varga - Mixed Netball, Toshi Shioji - Netball, Brianna Binning - Basketball.

The highlight of the carnival though was how well the students represented the College with great sportsmanship and willing to help out coaches by getting to games on time or playing between 2 sports, helping out where needed and general good behaviour and positivity.

A massive thank you must go to all the coaches who gave up their afternoons all term for training and the long hours they put in during the week, it would not have been such a success without them.

Steven Gregory - HOLA Health & Physical Education


Fee statements for NEW FAMILIES and reminder fee statements for EXISTING FAMILIES will be emailed within the next week. We appreciate your prompt payment of fees. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the College.