Cupcake Royale was founded in 2003 as Seattle’s first cupcake bakery and café. In fact, Cupcake Royale is the nation’s first cupcake bakery to open outside of NYC! From day one, we were dedicated to the notion that a good business gives back to the community that supports them – it’s the virtuous circle of life. We care deeply about baking delicious cupcakes, crafting amazing espresso, and creating sustainable communities and joyous experiences.


  • STRENGTHS - Local, Variety in Cupcakes, Catering Option, Multiple products
  • WEAKNESSES - Pricing, Understaffed, Efficiency
  • OPPORTUNITIES - More Types of Cupcakes, Promotion/Advertising
  • THREATS - Competition


  • Trophy Cupcakes
  • BlueBird Cupcakes
  • The YellowLeaf Cupcake Co.
  • Stuffed Cakes

These bakeries have the same goal of being a leader in the specialty cupcake industry. They all strive to produce excellent products while providing quality service. Being around the same prices and local in the Seattle area has made these companies major competition for Cupcake Royale.


  • Increase sales with advertising promotion and new products
  • Attract new customers including men


  • Primary- Parents with children
  • Secondary- Young demographic and men
The Whiskey Maple Bacon cupcake is a moist vanilla butter cake, hand-frosted with Irish Whiskey Maple Buttercream. With or without bacon crumbles.
Vanilla cake with the perfect amount of chocolate buttercream swirled on top and rainbow sprinkles. A true classic.…
Egg Hunt, Classic Peep, Carrot Sweet


The month of April will be the primary promoting time to launch our spring cupcakes to the public. Starting the first week (April 1st-7th) we will showcase our commercial as an ad on several internet including youtube in order to reach out to as many customers possible. The week following (April 8th-15th) we will advertise via social media. We chose snapchat and facebook to feature this ad primary because it will attract our target market the most based on age and personal preferences. Third week will give an opportunity for the print ad which will allow for the last week of april to promote our spring cupcakes with a combination of all three advertisements.


  • 10% off next cupcake purchase
  • Punch card rewards program at store


  • $10,000


Cupcake Royale has provided quality service and excellent products to their customers since 2003. By bringing new sweets to our company we have only grown with multiple shops and many customers.

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