Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth), Creator: 10 Custom-created Patches

Tommy Bolan (NYC, Banzai, Warlock), Creator: 10 Custom-created Patches

Ozielzinho, Creator: 10 Custom-created Patches

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Kiko Loureiro’s love for music has always come naturally. Even at an early age, he was already a curious listener who loved spending time in the school library, consuming its vast music collection. At age 11, he started taking acoustic guitar lessons. And a few years later, he found his true calling in the world of progressive and heavy rock, jazz, and fusion.

Fascinated by the artistry of Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Paco de Lucia, and Herbie Hancock as well as bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Van Halen, Kiko set out to become a versatile musician in his own right.

At the age of 21, Kiko and his band Angra released their debut album ‘Angel’s Cry’ which went gold. In the years that followed, Angra released eight studio albums, three live CD’s, two live DVD’s, and six EP’s. The band, which is considered one of the most important Brazilian bands of all time, has also received two gold records and toured extensively around the world.

In 2004, Kiko went solo with the release of his debut album “No Gravity.” To date, he’s released four critically-acclaimed solo albums as well as a DVD which documents his performance at the Auditório Ibirapuera, a prestigious performing arts theatre in São Paulo, Brazil.

Besides music, Kiko also devotes his time to studying and teaching the basics of the music business as well as marketing and career development. He also speaks at music industry events throughout Brazil.

In 2015, Kiko was invited to join the band Megadeth. Together with Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson and drummer Chris Adler, Kiko recorded Megadeth’s fifteenth studio album “Dystopia.”


  • DoomRhythm - This is the main rhythm sound I use on stage with Megadeth, a MS800 with TS DRIVE and a little bit of Reverb.
  • Ktronik - Californian lead sound , not too bright not to boommy... just right!
  • ChugWug - Heavy gated Main rhythm with Xtasy Blue.
  • Conquer - MS 800 Lead sound with phaser just like the intro of "Conquer or Die" song.
  • Livid - Bright clean sound with StereoCho, Delay, and Spring. All around wet clean sound.
  • Getdown - Crunch tone with Octave using MS 800. It' s fun to jam over this tone.
  • Truecolor - Acoustic guitar emulation with Chorus and Plate for live application.
  • Thicktoria - BG MK3 and AnalogDly are used to create a thick lead tone.
  • Pagetwo - Roto effect in a FD TWNR. Perfect to play open chords and get a Jimmy Page vibe.
  • Borealis - ModDelay is used for this wide and super-long reverb sound.


Seeing Tommy Bolan play is like seeing ten thousand volts of electricity right in front of you. His exaggerated playing techniques and riveting live performances have garnered him a reputation as "One of the Most Insane Shredders of All Time." Tommy, who was born in Queens, New York, is best known for his Gold and Platinum selling work with the critically-acclaimed metal band Warlock.

Over the course of his career, Tommy has worked with a number of notable music industry names. Recently, he worked closely with Richie Ramone (The Ramones) on his latest CD "Entitled" for DC-Jam Records. Tommy recorded, co-wrote, and played all guitars on the new disc which was mixed by Mark Needham (Pain, The Killers) and mastered by Stephen Marcussen (The Rolling Stones, Prince).

With Richie, Tommy toured South America and Australia and played at Stonefest 2013 in Australia's ANZ Stadium where he shared the main stage with Aerosmith and Van Halen.

Tommy is currently the lead singer and guitarist for NYC, a band in which he plays heavy groove-laden rock layered with fierce vocals. The band's new CD is set to be mixed and engineered by Grammy-nominated producer Ulrich Wild (Static-X, Zombie, Otep, etc).

He's also released a new CD entitled "Can't Stop Me" as part of his side project Banzai. The CD was mixed by Jim Monroe (Fu Man Chu, Adolescents, CJ Ramone) and mastered by Maor Appelbaum. Catch Tommy Bolan on tour with NYC, and in his instructional DVD, Metal Primer.


  • GTR Wheel - Medium compressed grit that cleans up nicely with 360 ms pedal delay added
  • NYC Shred - Full on Wail (Lead/Rhythm) with 580 ms Tape Delay tucked in
  • Organic - Double Compressed and boosted FD Twnr/UK 2x12 model that Talks
  • Brown Dog - MS 800/MS 4x12 model with Heavy Octave & Driving Tremelo
  • Peruana - Compressed spacious clean sound with Grit that cleans up nicely with your Gtr volume control
  • Greenman - Heavy moving seq filter with Vin Flanger for extra travel
  • BANZAI - Shred Heavy Xtasy Blue/MS 4x12 Model with Pdl MnPit for Extra Wild Banzai Tones
  • BOLANATOR - BGmK3 model with pedal phaser and Mono pitch for all out Mad Shred
  • Goodfella - Pitch Shift-5 with BgMk3/ MK 1x12 model for SLAMMIN Heavy Tone
  • TB Ring - Heavy Shred with Ring Mod & 120 ms pedal delay for extra insanity


Born into a family of musicians, Brazilian guitarist Ozielzinho started his music journey at the tender age of 9. As a young musician, he began sharing his talent with the world via webcam videos and earned international recognition for his excellent guitar playing skills.

Over the course of his career, Ozielzinho has played with notable guitarists like Kiko Loureiro, was elected Best Guitarist by Reader's Digest in 2006, and became a Guitar Hero finalist in 2009. In 2013, he worked to record music with local artists and released "A Procura," his only album to date.

Ozielzinho, who has been a producer for over 15 years, also has a very popular online program for guitar classes. The program is called Guitarra Rock Online and Ozielzinho uses video to teach aspiring musicians how to master guitar. He is also the author of several guitar courses, including Guitar Rock 2.0 Arpeggios for Guitar Rock and Timbre Ideal.

To produce his unique sounds, Ozielzinho uses Seizi, NIG, Santo Angelo, Zoom, Dimarzio and Orange amplifiers.


  • Rhythm RCT (for REC) - Timbre to rhythms with Recti ORG.
  • Lead Ozi (for REC) - Distortion of DYN Drive + FD TWNR + RCT4x12. This patch is real mix of combinations.
  • RECT Oz (for REC) - Rectifier as standard.
  • RECT SOLO (for REC) - My favorite patch for daily use and features my own sound character. Recti ORG + Gt GEQ + HW4x12 and P-P Delay.
  • RectWarmRT (for REC) - Timbre more "Warm" by using Recti ORG + FD2x12. Ideal for rhythm guitar.
  • RectWarmLD (for REC) - Solo version of RectWarm.
  • Clean Ozi (for REC) - Classic Fender sound and a beautiful Chorus effect. Use it for everything!
  • BGN Ozi (for REC) - Best tone for solos with Xtacy Blue.
  • 800 Lead (for REC) - I like this tone to sound Hard Rock. Use MS800 + MS4x12 to become more real as possible.
  • 800 Rhythm (for REC) - Again the MS800 to use for rhythms in HardRock.

Ozielzinho plays through RECT Oz and RECT ZOLO patches.

Listen as Ozielzinho plays the G5n using the Bogner Ecstacy model.

Listen to Ozielzinho's guitar performance of "Rose in the Desert" with the G5n's Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier emulator.

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