Why Do Space Missions Take So Long? By Margaret Elise Kita!

Hello people have you ever wondered why do space missions take so long? Well I'm here to tell you so just sit back and listen!

Space is so big! The distance between the inner planets are so far apart. The planets don't circle the sun at the same rate, so that means that their location don't line up. If Saturn and Pluto are on opposite from the sun, that means that they are billions further apart!

Here's a couple of space pictures!

In order for the DSI to be able to go to Mars it must follow an orbit around the sun, and widening the orbit like a spiral going outwards until it will reach Mars.

Space missions also take long because they don't have rockets to get them through quicker. Space craft cannot blast of on Earth and go straight towards th place they want to go to. The movement in space is influenced by gravity so it follows or its, around planets or the sun.

Rocket ship

FUN FACT! When an astronaut goes to Mars they will have to do 3 main things, construction, maintenance and research on the planet.

Mars up close!

Construction always involves working on the settlement. The first crew will need to devote a lot of time to the settlement, so they can make there new home a comfy place to live. They soon will install the corridors between the landers, they will deploy extra solar panels and will install equipment, such as some greenhouses, inside the habitat.

They will also spend Time on crops and food preparation. They will also prepare the hardware for the second crew: The second crew hardware will be delivered with the first crew astronauts.

This is a video of people in space showing you how they do stuff with zero gravity. Enjoy watching!:)

As soon as possible, Mars one will try to supply the settlement with the methodologies to significantly expand the settlement. The astronauts goal are to enable them to construct a space 10 meters wide by 5 meters long. This will be a spacious environment to live. Where they can also grow trees. Such a large living volume will make Mars a much nicer place to live.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed and learned something



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