My Ideal Job By Abigail hughes

Job family

I want to be a secondary teacher and i want to teach English. The job family of this job is social . By this job family means I'm the kind of person who enjoys helping or caring for others. In a tem protect

a picture saying my job is social

skills- Skills you need to be an English teacher is to motivate and inspire students, IT, organisational and planning skills; creativity to design activities and materials

Qualities-you need to have an engaging teaching style, clear objectives for your lesson; effective discipline skills, good classroom management skills; good Communication with Parents, high expectations and passion for children and teaching.


The job requires having a bachelor's degree and supervised teaching experience and a state licensure for public school.

The subjects you need to be an English teacher is For secondary teaching, we require a degree related to one of the following secondary national curriculum subjects: Business Design & Technology*, English*, Geography, History, Computer Science*, Maths*, Modern Foreign Languages (French or Spanish) and Religious Education Science*.

this are the qualifications you need an A*, A or B A-level (or equivalent) in any of the subjects asterisked above. Please note, to be eligible to teach science two relevant A-levels are required. If you studied in Scotland, Advanced Highers are equivalent to A-levels. Similarly, if you studied the International Baccalaureate, Higher level subjects are equivalent to A-levels. Additionally, candidates with A*, A or B A-Level in Geography might be offered Geography and candidates with A*, A or B in French AND Spanish might be offered MFL.

Nope, you do not need to go to university at all, there are actually schemes out there so you can train 'on the job.' For example, you can do the RTP, which requires 240 CATS points (you can get these from doing a partial degree .e.g. if you only did your first 2 years at uni, a HND, dipHE - which you can do either from home, - think open university- or I think, college.)

An English teacher is a person who teaches teenagers in secondary school were they help then learn more stuff for the future.

You work thirty-seven hours a week for an English teacher.

Secondary school teachers educate children aged 11 to 16, or up to age 19 in schools with sixth forms.

You earn £22,500 to £66,750 average per year

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