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A community for teaching or studying: Create, share, and explore high quality K-12 content.
Lots of studies show that empowering educators to create, modify, and choose their own teaching content helps them to engage their students more deeply in their own learning.

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Free Online Textbooks & More!
CK-12 Foundation was founded with the mission to enable everyone to learn in his or her own way, pairing high-quality content with the latest technologies.

Teacher Versions & Student Versions Available

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Not currently able to integrate with Schoology.

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  • BioInteractive: Cutting-edge Science Animations and Videos
  • Khan Academy: Lectures on Math and Science
  • Why U: Conceptual Videos on Core Math Topics
  • STEMbite: Physics, Biology and Math in the Real World
  • The Concord Consortium: Revolutionary Digital Learning for Science, Engineering and Math
  • Learning Games Lab: Math Snacks, Animations and Games for Middle School
  • SIATech: Interactive Lessons in English Language Arts
  • Art of Problem Solving: Presentations on Approaching and Solving Math Problems
  • More...

A Final Note...

Remember to keep VOICE/CHOICE embedded into your AUTHENTIC learning assessments.

Use these resources to build CONTENT and offer PRACTICE.

But, don't get carried away and overwhelm your students!


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