Gaskin Aruna Primary school teacher

Gaskin Aruna has been a teacher for 15 years at the Methodist Primary School in Ngiehun, eastern Sierra Leone. Teaching has become a problem for Gaskin, not because he has 71 children in his class, he is accustomed to large class sizes. His difficulties involve failing eyesight.

"I am struggling to prepare lessons at home and when at school the children's books are hard to see"

Gaskin attended an outreach clinic at his local government health centre in Ngiehun. A team of eye specialists from Vision Aid Overseas were helping local hospital staff attend to the eye care needs of the community.

"I have had a problem with seeing well for over 5 years but now not only can I help my students to the best of my ability but I can also see to prepare food and help my family"

With his first pair of spectacles Gaskin returned to his home to show his family.

Checking the rice and cooking Casava
Gaskin Aruna with his family
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