Teleconnections What do the world's weather patterns mean to us?

There are many climate areas around the earth which can tell us how the climate is shifting. Mets have been able to keep a track of the surface temp anomalies as they relate to the climate changes. The ENSO models are usually the most studied as they give us information about the major climate shifts (La Nina's, El Nino's, etc.). These patters can help us understand what type of weather we might might. Today, taking a look at five of the major teleconnections, we can make a prediction for our surface temps over the next week or so. Here are the following finds:

A look at the WPO, AO, NAO, PNA, and EPO and surface temps.

From this it is clearly able to be seen that the area, as well as much of the US, will go through a thawing period. The Norther Plains appear to maintain the cold and will continue to see moisture interact with cold systems to produce snow. However, the southeast may experience moisture and warm temps to cause severe weather. Furthermore, the temps appear to be warming up higher than the norm over the next week or so. More on teleconnections and these graphics can be found by clicking the button below.

Enjoy the weather!


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