My name is Reef Kennedy By reef Kennedy

My story begins when my mom gave me to my grandparents. My granddad was an alcoholic and my grandmother was the one who care about me she was the one that help me when my granddad was yelling at me. When my grandmother passed away. I was in a foster home's .

Why I am going to class to class is because I throw a stone and made a big car accident and I injured three people one of them seriously. So I want to court then judge sentenced to a group home for the next twelve months and to attend classes and join two extracurricular activities and and to volunteer at a rehab centers. She believe that I will make better choices and to help people make better choices too. When I was at the rehab center and I meant a girl I was falling in love until her mother saw me. I find out that girl was the one in the car accident and her mother never let me say sorry.

How I changed. In the months at being at the group home I have started to take responsibility for my action that I have done and being lest of A-hole to people. And that is a thanks to Frank Colville he is the owner/leader of the group home he had stop do me doing some dumb shit when I first came to the group home. Frank gave me responsibility for fixing up the green house after i broke a window i had to pay for it the window but i fix it up and we use now but i seen what i did leeza. But don't make the same mask.


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