How War Effects Teens By:Anna higgins

Did You know-In a study done by a physicoligist 95.6 % of children from Northeastern provinces of Sri Lanka reported at least one family violence event. People in these areas are constantly experiencing war and other natural disasters.

In this book: Gene and Finny are at boarding school in New England. Their friend is drafted to war and they see him after he has been in the war and how it affected him.

Thesis: Although many don't understand how war can impact teenagers, certainly, the novel A separate peace by John Knowles helps people better understand how teens are affected by war in today's world.

How are the main characters in the book A SEPARATE Peace affected by war?

Leper is drafted to war

Leper is affected by the war

Many teens are forced to go to war

Many teens do not choose to go to war

Recruitments are sent out to find teens

Teens can be treated harshly during war

Many teens are drafted to war with no choice

Mental problems can occur from war

Family violence can occur from war

War can cause lots of stress that can be serious

War can lead to depression

War affects communities and families

Soliders in the army


(from a research project done by a physiologist)

95.6% reported at least one aversive experience out of the family violence spectrum

30.4% have PTSD caused from war

19.6% Major Depression prevalence

What this shows

This information shows how war affects families. It created stress, and major depression. War also creates family violence which can lead to bigger problems.

Teens working in the army Teens burning their recruitment letters

Recruiting to War

“recruiters have aggressive campaigns to convince young men and women to join the military upon graduation from high school.”

“Forced by law to reveal private home phone numbers and addresses, schools give recruiters this information and they contact students repeatedly to try to get them to enlist”

“advertising campaigns have targeted parents of teens, with the intention of getting parents to encourage their children to join the military.”

(all information from source 3)

Where recruiters go to find teens

shopping centers

Recreational facilities


Near homes

Places teens hang out

How this affects teens

They may be constantly be followed around by people trying to recruit them

They may not have a choice in war and be forced to enlist

So now you know how war affects teens and how many people do not realize the affects of war on people and teens and how it changes their lives.

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