Save The Animals! I wonder WHy People are killing Endangered animals?

Running. Running. Your heart is beating fast and your legs are aching, but you can't stop or you will be shot, you can feel yourself slowing down, 'No,I can't stop', 'Bang' you are hit, you can feel warm blood dripping down your body.The last thing you saw was a smiling face of a poacher. This is what it's like to be a Tiger, one of the many endangered species hunted by poachers. Endangered species are animals that are likely to be extinct, some examples of these animals are Elephants, tigers, rhinos, sea turtles, lemurs, and Gorillas.

These are some endangered animals

Why People Poach

Poachers are people who illegally hunt and kill animals. Money is the main reason behind poaching. Poachers can sell one pound of ivory for $1,500 in the black market. Other reasons are hunger, poverty, for fun and even religious beliefs. Millions of animals are hunted worldwide every year, they are wounded and left to bleed or die of infections.Anthony Douglas Williams believes, “Each and every animal on Earth has as much right to be here as you and me”,this means that we should not poach and kill animals because they belong here as much as us.

Killing Animals

To kill animals, poachers use wire snares, traps, poison, and powerful weapons like guns, spears, saws and arrows. For example to get a rhino's horn, they take a saw and slice off their horn and leave the rhino to die. The standard rate of species to be extinct are 1,000 times faster than normal

fox cub stuck in a trap

Selling Animals

Poachers sell animals by giving the animals to black markets, online trading, and some for pets depending on the animal. Some of the things they make out of the animals are ivory from elephants, medicine from rhino horns (even though scientists have proven otherwise) and furs from lions and tigers.

Poaching and killing animals are wrong, if we continue this bad habit our future generations of these beautiful animals will extinct soon! We need to spread the word, educate and build awareness! Helping these animals is helping ourselves and our future!

Did you know...

You can adopt an endangered animal by donating money to organization that help protect them. For example Defenders of Wildlife is one of the many organization.


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