Madou de Gijt massage therapist


At JapanTKY, we are not only inspired by the latest fashion trends and city trips. We also take inspiration from the people who wear our clothes. Ultimately, we design our clothes for them. Therefore, we would like you to meet some of our muses.

Madou de Gijt (31), massage therapist from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Photography: Rik Balder / Studio Redlab

Madou lives with her dog Lino in Rotterdam. A year and a half ago she met the love of her life with whom she is going to move in with in the spring of 2020.

Madou is very happy that she discovered her passion early on in her life: contributing to the well-being of people around her. Initially she became a doctor's assistant and worked in the Maasstad Hospital at the Oral Surgery Outpatient Clinic for 7 years. During this job she started training for massage therapist at the Holos Academy. In 2013 she registered with the Chamber of Commerce and since then she has been giving professional massage therapy. Initially she did this next to her job in the hospital, but since a year and a half she has been independent full-time and has her own practice at home, called Lijf Massage.

the practice of Lijf Massage

"Of course it's thrilling to take such a step, entrepreneurship brings insecurity with it, but it gives me so much more satisfaction and serenity. In the hospital, it was often a case of 'running production', there was no time at all to put someone at ease, for example. I find it important to take the time for people. People appreciate that too."

"To be able to do all this, it is of course also important to take time for myself and recharge. I start each day with a one or one and a half hour long morning walk with my dog Lino. Rain or sunshine, that's really a ritual for me that I wouldn't want to miss. Maybe I should have some more moments of really doing nothing on my free Sunday, but I enjoy a lot and like to spend time with people, which makes saying no quite difficult".

Photography: Rik Balder / Studio Redlab

Who's your Muse/role model?

There are so many models and women in the entertainment world today, too many to choose from. If I have to name someone, I would choose model Ashley Graham. I really like her. She is beautiful, feminine, funny and has a few sizes more. She appears as a model on the covers of leading magazines, on the catwalk for big brands like Tommy Hilfiger and she designs lingerie and swimwear for bigger sizes. She is proud of her curves, is not ashamed of her cellulite, she is a real ambassador for body positivity and she is truly herself.

What does clothing mean to you?

"During my childhood it was all about colour with the clothes of Oilily that my mother always bought for me. In my puberty, my "own" style came to the fore, although it was largely influenced by the popular girls at school. However, I always stayed a bit away from actual fashion. I was too insecure for that and I thought it wouldn't look good on me anyway."

"A few years ago I came into contact with JapanTKY's clothing, ever since then I've been a fan! Finally clothes that are very comfortable and fashionable. I often wear JapanTKY clothing during my work. The clothing is comfortable and thanks to the stretchy fabric I feel free in my movements. My favourite items by JapanTKY are the jumpsuits, the ZAYA, a flared pair of pants and pants YOGI, which I actually have in 4 different colours!"