Meip gies By : lupe becerra


Miep gies was born on February 15, 1909

Hobbies : dancing

. because of illness and impoverishment, she was sent to the Netherlands for care and bonded with her foster family. (Regain her health and strength)

How they were before the event

. She stayed with her Dutch family.

. Working as otto franks secretary at opekta (company of making jam)

She became close friends with the frank family.

The event that change them

. Discrimation against the Jews.

Germans wanted to eliminate them.

How they change

. She was willing to hid the frank family

. She took a big risk

. She wanted to support them.

Why they change

Was a really close friend to the frank family who were Jews.

. She put her live on the line to help others

Work sited

Miep gies. www.annefrank.prg/en/Anne-frank/All-people/Miep-gies/

Hiding the frank family. Teacher.scholastic.com/frank/hideff.htm

Biography. Miep gies. Setemper 28,2017 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.biography.com/.amp/people/miep-gies-21349765

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