Eulogy Project By-Chloe Cantrell

Chloe was an inspiration to everyone. She was helpful to everyone and was never usually a negative person. Chloe was a fun, loving, person and was just full of life. She never really got down about things but she cared about what anyone thought about her, wether it was a homeless man on the street or the smartest man on Earth, she still cared what they thought about her. Chloe's business in Orthodontics was very successful, her business was ranked second in Missouri. The business made thousands and it was very productive. Chloe liked to laugh and was always happy and positive. She was kind of crazy, Chloe was pretty smart, not really smart but more than average. Chloe was humorous and when she was younger she always worked out and tried to get muscles, it kind of worked but she never really got strong. Chloe and her dad were pretty close, she always went with him to work and stuff like that, her mom and her weren't as close as her and her dad. Growing up with three little brothers, she didn't really have problems with anyone at school, she never got into fights or anything like that. Chloe's role model in her life was her Aunt Jess, they were seven years apart, but acted like they were twins and the same age. Jess was twenty-one when Chloe was fourteen, and they hung out all the time. They did the same things, acted the same, laughed at the same thing, they really were two peas in a pod. When Chloe's life ended it was peaceful and she was ready to go up to heaven, she didn't go to Church often but just because she didn't, didn't mean that she never believed because she did. Another person she looked up to was her nana, her and her nana were very close and her nana spoiled her. Chloe loved her nana very much and would always rub her feet in bed just because Chloe was nice. "In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln.


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