Canbury School Newsletter 27th September 2019. issue 170

Dear Parents and Visitors

Huge thanks to all our amazing students who turned up at school last Saturday morning to showcase the very best of Canbury. We had a wonderful morning showing our visitors around and getting to know potential new families. Thanks too to my staff who were in even earlier and stayed even later. What a show we put on!

I always say that bringing up young people is about so much more than the sum of their academic achievements. What good is a string of fabulous grades, if you cannot have a one to one conversation with someone or notice when your friend, or indeed a stranger, is in need of a helping hand? That's why this week I want to give a special mention to Rosie in Year 11 who has been the kindest soul about school this week. Whether helping younger students pack their bags, gently corralling them into a classroom or just sitting and spending a few minutes listening to someone, she has been popping up all over the place. Random acts of kindness bring untold joy to people. Keep up the good work Rosie!

I'm looking forward to our annual Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning which takes place next Friday here in school. From 8.15 to 9.15 we'll be hosting parents in the hall. Then at break and if there's some left (!) lunchtime, we'll be selling cakes to students and staff. So please, grab your pinny and get baking, or pop into the shops and pick up a cake and let's make money for a great cause and have some fun doing it. Please remember, we are a nut free school. Do let reception know if you will be popping in on Friday, that way we'll make sure to save some of the cakes for you!

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Olivia M and Chloe for their support of each other and teamwork in Mathematics.

Evia for her vocabulary knowledge that saw her as supreme champion in “Four Corners” during English.

Year 8

Kyrell for fantastic focus in the wellbeing lesson.

Peter for his effort and focus in a reading comprehension task.

Zac for his excellent result in the second Parallel Mathematics Challenge.

Anders and Ross for their hard work on IXL Mathematics.

Peter for his effort in Spanish.

Anders for his very detailed poster in Spanish about his holidays.

Year 9

Phoebe for improved independent writing. Well done Phoebe.

Well done to Ain, Alannah, Lauren and Otti for some excellent extension work in History on the significance of an individual or event of their choice from 1750 - 1900.

Congratulations to Alannah and Phoebe who have been promoted to the top group in swimming by the instructors down at Kingfisher.

Matthew for his excellent result in the second Parallel Mathematics Challenge.

Phoebe for her hard work on IXL Mathematics.

Year 10

Rhian for improved extended writing.

The Year 10 historians for an excellent start to GCSE History.

Rhian for her perseverance in Mathematics.

Year 11

Emily for her hard work on the probability assessment in Mathematics.

Year 13

Well done to Chris for his excellent work in the Sixth Form block and being helpful to Ms Littler in his role as Sixth Form ‘Task Force’.

Look out for 'My Maths' details coming home in a school bag soon......

We have just purchased 'My Maths' (www.mymaths.co.uk) for all the students to use for revision and to reinforce their understanding. It is an excellent platform for catching up missed work. Please look out for the letters students will be bringing home with their personal log in details.


This week Year 11 Physics and Biology were busy doing practical experiments.

Year 11 Biology have been investigating respiration in living organisms. On Wednesday they looked at the amount of oxygen used by maggots at different temperatures. There were different reactions to the maggots; some thought they were disgusting but others thought they were great! Meanwhile in Physics students were investigating electrical circuits and their effects on light sources. The students were tuning in from all different places to be involved.

Never a dull moment in the Canbury laboratory. Even Mr Barnett has a smile on his face!

Sport round-up

Writes Mr Barnes: "There was a slight change for KS4/ 5 Games this week as there was no kayaking. Instead, some of the students went down for a group personal training session at Bounce gym in New Malden. Nathan, our personal trainer for the afternoon, put the group through their paces with some speed training and then a strength circuit involving slamming weighted medicine balls and pushing weighted sleds! Special mentions to Shiroxley for excellent sprinting, James for great press up technique and Rosie for winning the plank challenge at the end with 3:30 minutes!

KS3 were back at Thames Young Mariners for another water sports session. The group has progressed so well that the vast majority are now in kayaks and the top group spent the afternoon learning new skills on the paddle boards!

Such core strength from the KS3 paddle boarders this week! Very well done.

Planking in the gym - planker extraordinaire Rosie went on to glory.

House Awards

Blue star for 15hps - Aansh

Green star for 30hps - Aansh

Silver/blue achiever award for 150hps - Flora

Gold/green achiever award for 200hps - Anders

Talking of awards.....

Rosie in Year 11 has set up a new initiative which we hope takes off. Each week students can nominate fellow students to be students of the week. There can be more than one. You will find the blue voting box on the front office desk beside the printer. Votes will be collected each Thursday lunch time by Rosie. Students need to write the full name of the person they are voting for and why they think they should be nominated. The student(s) will then be recognised for their good deeds in the newsletter and their name read out by Ms Clancy in assembly. If we have too many, we may have to re-think how we do it! In the meantime, get voting.

Year 7 residential trip.....

....went off splendidly. Despite pretty atrocious weather, our wonderful enthusiastic Year 7s spent a soggy night under the stars in the capable hands of Mrs Branney, Mrs Bowen and Mr McGregor. Archery, high wires, swing ropes, bush fires - you name it, they tried it. Our intrepid campers returned exhausted but happy.

Teamwork at the Year 7 residential - a bit of rain, ok torrential rain, did nothing to dampen the spirits.

And breathe.......Yoga comes to Canbury.

Our lunchtime Yoga club is proving very popular. If your child would like to sign up, they need to go and see Miss Patrycja.

A parent writes.....

We know life can be tough and that so many of the young people who come through our door have already experienced some very tough times. Ms Clancy was therefore touched and delighted to receive the following letter from a parent this week (who has since granted permission for it to be reproduced here). She wanted to share it with us all to remind us that we can overcome adversity, build our resilience and go on to take a fully active part in the amazing world around us.

"My daughter left Canbury in 2015 and went on to Kingston Art College. Canbury was a life saver to her and helped her back into education and started the process in building her confidence back up and allowing her to believe in herself.

It wasn’t an easy journey for her but she eventually succeeded amazingly with gaining an Art and Design Interactive Media, triple grade distinction, level 3 BTEC extended diploma. She is now working towards a BA at St Mary’s university in film and screen media.

We are so proud, this is a huge achievement for the very anxious little girl who was too scared to go to school and was lost in the school system before she began her journey at Canbury school. The challenges are still there for her but I wanted to thank you for helping her begin her journey in realising these can be overcome."

Meet the member of staff

Well whoever would have guessed? New Drama teacher Mr Batten wishes he'd played Hamlet. There's still time Mr B! This week we spend a few minutes finding out how a walk by the river calms him down, how he loves a 70s themed disco and that you'd better like Mexican if he invites you around for dinner. Something tells us Christmas is going to be even more magical this year at Canbury.......

The smiling Mr Batten, settling straight in to life at Canbury. However he got into trouble today for admitting he doesn't read the newsletter. Let's hope that changes.

Ok, so how did you get into teaching drama?

I actually planned to be an English teacher from about eight years old as I didn't realise in primary school that you could be a drama teacher! Luckily I'm qualified to teach both subjects.

Best role you never played?


Will Mr Batten yet tread the boards?

One top tip for de-stressing?

I like walking by the river. That calms me down.

In another life, what period would you have been born in and why?

You'll find me in a 70s disco!

You're having a dinner party for three favourite people in your life. Who are they and what will you cook them?

My friends Joyce and Linda and my Godson Callum. I would cook my vegetarian Mexican dish that I call "nachos" but it's a bit more exciting than it sounds.

Tell us your perfect day.

Long coastal walk somewhere hot and sunny like Spain or Portugal then dinner and drinks with friends al fresco.

Who do you most admire, and why?

Predictable one but Shakespeare - his linguistic and storytelling skills are unique.

Your 12 year old self is walking towards you. What will you tell him?

Stop worrying about the past or the future. Live in the present . Enjoy all the great things the world offers us.

Where will you be five years from now?

Five years from now I will still be working here I hope. After that eventually I would like to live somewhere hot - I hate being cold!

I'm off to the half price theatre ticket booth in Leicester Square - what show should I buy tickets for?

'Come from Away' - one of the best pieces of theatre I've seen in years :)

Sport timetable for this half term at Canbury.