Florida Museum of Natural History by Jordan Quintanilla

The Florida Museum of Natural History or the FMNH is known for it's ability to connect people with the history of nature. This Museum shows how plants, animals, and even people evolved into what we see today. This museum allows individuals to step out of their normal lives and appreciate nature and its beauty. As students, we can get caught up in school and the stress it has on us. This museum allowed me to step back and view all the amazing artifacts Florida had to offer. The museum brings the elements of culture and nature together in order to create an amazing learning experience.

When you first walk into the museum guests are greeted by a huge mammoth. This is one of the many fascinating exhibits this museum has to offer. The Fossils exhibit is always interesting. It shows us how animals and plants have evolved over the years. These types of exhibits really catch your eye. They showcase huge bone structures of many different types of animals. This is what really draws people in and makes them want to learn. I think what's really neat is that the majority of these fossils were found in, or near Gainesville. This type of exhibit allows people to witness creatures that could have been found in their own backyard. These types of facts were probably not known to the general public until coming to this museum. I for sure did not know this. This exhibit allows visitors to have a better understanding of fossils. It also always grade school kids to learn this as well. I went on a Saturday, and so many families were there. I was so happy to see young kids learning all of this information.

One of the most popular exhibits is the butterfly rainforest. This exhibit lasts all year. It is truly breath taking to see all the different types of butterflies. This was one of the main exhibits I had to see. It is very interesting learning about the evolution of fossils in florida and explaining the Northwest waterways and wildlife. However, there is something so mesmerizing about being able to see the wildlife in action. Butterflies are insects we see everyday. However, hundreds of them in a single viewing is incredible. It allows viewers to look at their habitat and witness the life they live. This is something we take for granted in everyday life. The museum allows visitors to experience nature in ways that Leopold envisions, especially this exhibit. My little sisters were down for the weekend, so I was able to bring them too. They were very giddy about seeing the butterflies in person. This was a fun trip that allowed us to view the beauty nature had to offer. The scenery in this exhibit was very charming, and it was nice to see the other wildlife like the birds and fish. It makes visitors realize if we want to keep these lovely creatures we need to look after our planet and its well being.

This museum also helps explain some of the mysteries of the world. Nature has always been a big part of life. The South Florida people and environment exhibit showcase this. This exhibit shows us how people lived years ago in much harder settings. It shows us old Floridian tribes. This exhibit allows us to step outside of our everyday life, and see how far we've come as human beings. I have some native american in me, so it is very cool to see how they lived and see all of objects they created for their daily lives. These people were just trying to figure out the world day by day just like we do today. It makes me realize there will always be mysteries to solve, and we just have to keep looking for the answers.

This visit to the Florida Museum of Natural History was very engaging. I think that's why I enjoyed it so much. I loved learning about all of Florida's wildlife and artifacts. Going to this museum wasn't a boring trip where I got nothing out of it. It was a fun experience, and I'm glad my little sisters were down to appreciate it with me.


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