Learn to Listen Erika Opperman

“Communication is a two way process so improving communication involves both how we send and receive messages”(2).

The thing I mainly need to work on is listening. Listening is a giant key to communication and to resolving conflicts. It is important you listen so you can understand other people's point of view and how they approach the situation. That way you won't mistake anything by saying something harsh.

“Do not say the first thing that comes into your head but instead take a moment and pay close attention to what you say and how you say it. Focus on the meaning of what you want to communicate" (3).

A way I can listen more effectively in my life is by paying attention. I often get very distracted when the topic that the person is discussing is boring. Ways I can improve is just by paying attention, I could try to relate the situation to my life and how I would react to it. This way I am attatched and more involved in the conversation rather than being distant.

“Offer words and actions of encouragement, as well as praise, to others. Make other people feel welcome, wanted, valued and appreciated in your communications"(3).

After I have throughly listened to my parter, it is important that I have positive feed back and really make sure that they are comfortable with me. Giving them these things can help them feel more accepted and maybe relaxed in a stressful situation. While listening it is also important that you stray away from judging other people. If they did something wrong, they don't need to know that because they already know, so don't press them into it by judging them on their own decision. They are asking you to listen and for advice, it is best to push all judgements aside and help with an open mind.

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