G.O.T. Preparedness® Active Threats At Healthcare Facilities

"It's been happening almost anywhere, but nobody was waiting for this. Who would have thought it would happen in a hospital?" - Witness of the June 2017 Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center shooting by a physician/former employee of that hospital, which killed one individual and wounded six others.

An Ordinary Day Can Turn Extraordinary In An Instant

75% of all workplace assaults occur against healthcare workers. These assaults are most frequently committed by patients and their visitors, and include behaviors such as making verbal threats, spitting, striking, kicking, biting, and throwing objects. Some assaults have involved shootings resulting in serious injury or death.

Kiernan Group Holdings (KGH) understands the complex environment and significant security challenges that hospitals and healthcare facilities present. Welcoming patients and their families to a place where they will receive medical treatment and care must be balanced by the need to create a secure and safe workplace for the Caregivers.

KGH leaders have expertise in establishing Workplace Violence Prevention (WVP) and Security strategies in the hospital and other clinical settings. KGH offers awareness education and active engagement training in WVP. We also conduct on-site assessments of hospital security measures and policies to meet Joint Commission performance standards.

KGH's focus is on identifying vulnerabilities and recommending mitigation and prevention strategies in high-risk areas including, but not limited to: Behavioral Health Units; Emergency Departments; Mother-Baby/Labor & Delivery; Hospital Entry Points; and Forensic Patient Security.

Targeted shootings at hospitals, though less frequent, have a devastating impact on everyone present in the hospital as well as the hospital's reputation as a safe place to receive care. These shootings fall predominantly into four types of situations common to the hospital setting:

  • Forensic/Prisoner Patients
  • Patients/Family Members Disgruntled with Clinical Outcomes
  • Domestic Situations Coming into the Workplace
  • Terminated/Disgruntled Employees

The Forensic/Prisoner Patient presents the highest risk, since the Forensic perceives an opportunity to escape custody by overpowering the guards, making the staff highly vulnerable to the violent scene as it unfolds.

Legislative Efforts

Hospital executives, physicians, and nurses are keenly aware of the growing violence in hospitals directed against the hospital staff. Their professional organizations are driving new legislative initiatives.

Preparedness is a mindset and the foundation for response and resiliency at an individual and community level which requires a holistic approach.

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