How to become a chemist By Ethan y

A chemist is someone who is working in laboratories in groups to determine chemical or physical reactions with different materials. For example you have Coke and the candy Mentos and you mix it together that's a chemical reaction. you would keep doing that util you understand why or how this happens.

This is a chemist holding a sample of some sort. Maybe mix chemicals or DNA. He/she is getting it ready for use.

To become a chemist you have to go to school all the way up to four years of college. Plus you must have a bachelor's degree to be approved. If you are wondering an average working chemist might get around $71,260 a year.

This is the periodic table. A table of elements.

People are looking for chemist that have the right personal quality. The qualities need are to be good at paying attention to small and big details so nothing is wrong. Another quality is to have a lot of integrity. You need to also be dependable for you to have this job.

Not only do you need only do you need certain qualities but you need certain skills too. A good skill to know is to use scientific rules to solve the main problems. Another skill might be able to identify how a system works and able to have proof. A important skill to have is to find related work to your experiment quickly to figure out what you are looking for.

If I decide I want to be a chemist I will go to my dads works every time I get a chance or go to more science museum, maybe help my mom with her experiments. All this to help me become a chemist.


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