Cupcake STEM Project Mira, Armel, and Anna

INTRODUCTION: For the STEM project, we had to make a cupcake box that would hold only 3 cupcakes. This box had to be eco-friendy, meaning it could only involve biodegradable material and had to be environmentally sensitive. The reason for this project is that there is enough plastic litter in the ocean to equal the size of Europe. The goal of this STEM project is to create better alternatives for plastic things.

DESIGN PROCESS: First we each drew out our ideas of what we thought the box should look like and what it should be made of. Then we each shared our ideas and we picked the most logical one. Then we got all the materials and began to build.

This is a picture of Mira and Anna gluing all the materials together. The materials that we used are cardboard and string to hold the box in place.
This is Mira putting the final touches on the box. We were just gluing the top on so it has a flap and is covered so nothing goes in the box and nothing comes out.
This is what the box looked like when it was all glued and the string was on.
When we finished making the box, we put 3 cupcakes into it and took it out in the hallway to test it. One of the goals was to make sure that the box could keep the cupcakes safe on a rough car ride. To test it, we put a ruler under a wagon and pulled the wagon over the ruler with the cupcake box inside to simulate a car. We got our results.

RESULTS: Our design worked! It kept the cupcakes from moving around too much and the box did not break.


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