4A#8 Joie Burns My life and JOURNEY TO aMERICA

September 19, 1968

My name is Barbara Jones. I am 13 years old when I went to Ellis Island 1953. I came from Italy and am planning to live in California. On the ride to Ellis Island I was in first class and was served and helped very well. When I first entered Ellis Island I was scared that I wasn't going to be able to enter the United States. But, everything was okay and I was able to go through into the United States. Although, when I went through the medical check it was very scary because I had to have a button-hook on my eyelid and I thought they were going to poke my eye out. When I got out of Ellis Island I took a train to California and moved there. Two years later I figured out that my cousin, Anthony Smiley, was coming to the United States so, I immediately went there and greeted them into the United States. When I first met him after he was through with everything I realized he had picked up a friend, Jeff BobBob, and they were going to live in Alabama together. After one year they decided to move to California and I offered to help them pick out a house. I gathered up three houses I thought they would've liked. One of them was a ocean-house right next to my ocean-house. They picked that one because it had so much space and they could go to to the ocean whenever they wanted to. But, my house is still bigger than theirs. That's one thing I liked about the house. The day they bought their house I had a party for them to welcome them into their home. It was a pool party because I had a indoor pool with a diving board and a slide. When everybody was done swimming we watched one of the movies that they starred in. We watched the movie in my movie theater. Also, we had dinner in the movie theater. We all lived in California for the rest of our lives.

An Italy flag(left), map of Italy(middle), Ellis Island(right)

Facts about Statue of Liberty 1. The Statue of Liberty stands on a broken chain which stands for freedom 2. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France 3. The statue wears a crown with seven rays which stands for the seven continents and seven seas 4. The Statue of Liberty stands for independence, and friendship between countries

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