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Why was there cannibalism within the tribes?

Maori people did practice cannibalism, but they didn't do it to consume a dead persons body. Maori people practised this to scare there enemies and was known as 'post battle rage'. They ate them to gratify revenge. They also believed eating the flesh of a warrior would give them the qualities of that warrior.

Maori people practising cannibalism
The Maori believed that everything had a complete soul known as the wairua, and a concept of spiritual essence. The Mana had shown itself on land, nature, humans and other objects. The Mana seemed to be associated to constant concepts of power, influence, prestige etc.

How did the Europeans treat the Maori people?

In 1700, Europeans came sailing in their ships. The Maori traded with European whalers, those who were taking seals from New Zealand's coasts. The Maori traded fish and sweet potatoes for cloth, glass bottles, beads and nails. The Europeans and Maori usually got along well enough for trade, but in 1810, the captain and some crew members of a British ship who had gone ashore at Whangoroa Harbor, were killed and eaten by Maori who were attacking them for cruelty to one of their number, the British not having learned to be very careful about the sort of incident, led to the death of Captain James Cook.

The Europeans arrive at the island.
Around the year 1000, the Maori people arrived in what today is called New Zealand. They came in long twin-hulled canoes, each said to carry several hundred warriors, perhaps beginning their journey around Taiwan or Hawaiki. The Maori settled in the Bay of Islands area, and soon they were moving to new locations in the land they called Aoterroa (the land of the long white cloud).
what celebrations did Maori practice occasions and how?

The Maori people performed the Hakka in many festive occasions such as marriages. Also every 6th of February, Waitangi Day is celebrated. Waitangi Day is when the Treaty of Waitangi was first signed. People in new Zealand celebrate this significant event. Tribes also start celebrate Matariki. Matariki signals Maori new year. Some people celebrate when the new moon rises. These celebrations can last up to 3 days

The moons and starts that signal Maori new year.
There are many Maori gods such as: Papatuanuku, the mother of the earth from the very start. Phuaorangi, the celestial god. Punga, gods of sharks, lizards and everything ugly and, Ranginui, the father of the sky.

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